2024 is an election year and with that will come more activity than usual. Given how the last presidential election ended we can’t take anything for granted and that most certainly means the actions of the far right. And if all the things we as a society have done to make them accountable for their actions is any indication, we don’t.

One People’s Project has been there for over twenty years informing the public through our news line Idavox.com, making media and conference appearances to educate even further and most of all encouraging us all to push back against any and all that undermine our freedoms because the world does not revolve around them anymore. And we must be effective because this year began with the more fascist elements trying to push back against us as well either attempting to cause some problems in the legal system or actually causing problems for themselves as an associate of White Lives Matter allegedly attacked a show that was held to benefit us in January!

We are asking for your continued support as we take on the challenges we anticipate in the upcoming year. We are planning widespread coverage of the things going on with the election and anything else that happens as well as events we are currently planning with announcements coming soon. Would you please take the time out to contribute to our work?