NAME: John Smaligo

AKA: Linkon Pelly, John Pelly

HOME BASE: North Versailles, PA 15137

At first glance John appears to be a faithful religious family man who is proud of his country. It is just this sort image he is attempting to cultivate as cover for his neo nazi ideology and current recruitment efforts to build a working class white ethno state.

John was raised in a Lutheran household. His father John Mark Smaligo is a Lutheran Pastor at Hebron Evangelical Lutheran Church in Blairsville, PA. John was married at and belongs to Christ Lutheran Church in Forest Hills PA. He appears to have had a loving, inclusive family. His father and mother adopted two children. One of them, his sister, is following in their father’s footsteps by becoming a Lutheran Minister as well. In fact, she was featured in a local Pittsburgh newspaper article titled “Blind Woman helps father lead Hempfield Easter Service”.


John, as well as his parents, recently joined the Carpatho-Rusyn Society, a Slovak heritage organization. They are located in the Pittsburgh area and provide cultural heritage information, workshops, seminars and gathering space. They boast a membership of “over 1,800 worldwide”. John twists the ideas of  “cultural identity” and “heritage” as justification for his racist beliefs. He also uses his membership with legitimate organizations as a way of infiltrating and looking for new recruits. When Neo Nazis become members of these organizations it erodes their missions of preserving cultural heritage and places them in jeopardy.

John is a prominent member of the American Defense “Skinheads” (ADS). ADS is a neo-nazi “skinhead” organization that is using a combination of music, shows, political action, podcasts and networking to further their brand of White Nationalist garbage. He is the lead vocalist for the white power band Fascine (Pittsburgh, PA). 

Fascine, playing an ADS show on Oct. 10, 2020 in Pittsburgh, PA

John hosts a podcast, plagued by deplatforming issues, called “Book and Rifle”. He promotes hate bands, events, other hate podcasts and then reads from the tired old writings of George Lincoln Rockwell, the late founder of the American Nazi Party.

John Smaligo, pictured bottom left, appearing on a neo nazi podcast called “HammerStream”.

John is very open about his desire and attempts to make a white nationalist ethno state through neo nazi organizing. He has given numerous interviews since 2019 about ADS, their bands, record labels, Nazi Skinhead culture, family life and the hate band merchandise distribution company they are trying to start.

ADS has formed a relationship with the National Justice Party (NJP). According to John’s accounts, on multiple podcasts, ADS attends their rallies and even “Plays their events”. According to the Institute for Research & Education on Human Rights, this union is a part of NJP’s larger goal to unite the different factions of the White Nationalist movement. 

ADS pictured with a leader of the NJP. Even with faces blurred out they are identifiable. From the left: John Smaligo, Travis Condor, Alan Balogh, … , and Jeff Wood.

John is instrumental in running, the ADS music/propaganda website. He has been a driving ideological force in his little cesspool. John is seeking to make a name for himself as a white nationalist. His politics are not national or cultural pride but regular old racist nazi garbage.

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