NAME: Tanya M. Brahimi (Esposito)

AKA: Tatiania Ibrahim

Hard to mention the attacks against CRT without mentioning a name that has emerged from the small town of Carmel NY about 90 minutes north of NY, Tatiana Ibrahim. On June 1 she emerged at a school board meeting and went on an 11-minute tirade lashing out at the school board. Ibrahim ridiculed the school district claiming that they are allowing teachers to promote the Black Lives Matter movement, promote the LGBTQ agenda and anti-police viewpoints while also indoctrinating children. She went on to accuse teachers in the school district of discriminating against religious students and promoting a cancel culture against those students she continued with “you’re teaching my children and other children that if they believe in God, Almighty, they’re part of a cult”.  Ibrahim labeled the board members as “thieves” who have “committed treason against our children”.  

She also accused the school district of indoctrination, saying, “you created a curriculum of Black Panther indoctrination – you’re teaching your children to go out and murder police officers. You work for me; I don’t work for you. You have a duty – we are entrusting our children to you. We teach our children morals…you’re emotionally and mentally abusing our children and demoralizing them by teaching them Communist values. This is still America, ma’am!”

She alleges that teachers in the county called for the death of former President Trump and supported the “canceling” of any student that doesn’t support Black Lives Matter. Ibrahim then named the two teachers in question before being asked not to publicly name them. This seemed to only enrage Ibrahim who continued, “Why are we not allowed to say names? Why am I not allowed when they purposefully expose themselves on social media, talking about calling for the death of a former president, or saying that any child who doesn’t believe in Black Lives Matter should be canceled out. Is this what my tax dollars are paying for,” Ibrahim asked the school board. The video launched Ibrahim into the spotlight, having her story covered on Newsmax, Fox, OANN and various other right leaning podcasts such as Seb Gorka’s and Greg Kelly while pushing her new found fame with the #YouAndMeCanEndCRT  and her new website

 Here Tanya is posing with Republican Gubernatorial hopefuls Andrew Giuliani and Lee Zeldin on June 27.

Tanya also made numerous videos and has used her CRT platform to push a pro Trump message as seen on her 4th of July posts where she is seen waving a Trump Flag while surrounded by other Trump flags and lots of her signs and of course merchandise because not only does Tanya need the attention, she also needs the money .

Along with her end CRT campaign Tatiana has also petitioned to have cameras put in classrooms. Tanya has also used her platform to attack those in the community who oppose her be it teachers, school administrators, school board members as well as current and former students in an effort to bully and intimate while attempting to make a name for herself. 

We began looking into this self-described “regular mom who loves her kids, God and country” and found out she doesn’t really exist. It’s true, Tatiana Ibrahim does not exist and no one by that name lives within the school district which lead some to believe she either didn’t have children school aged or didn’t actually live local and was simply trying to make a name for herself using CRT and the Carmel School Board as her platform. Some internet sleuths tipped us off that Tatiana Ibrahim who was famously quoted as saying “Why are we not allowed to say names?” was in fact not using her real name.  Tatiana is actually Tanya M. Brahimi (Esposito) of Carmel NY who has a High School aged daughter in the district named Eliza.  We can get into the mental gymnastics it takes to create a fake persona by removing the I at the endo of your last name and placing it at the beginning another time it is weird enough the fake persona but even stranger that that was using the fake persona while having a child with your actual last name in the district. I can’t imagine anyone in the district that has taught her daughter wouldn’t remember her and be able to easily identify her from the video. Perhaps the alias was simply to try to remain as anonymous online as possible or perhaps it is to cover up some shady past either way it raised some red flags so we started digging and well it was interesting.

Tanya Brahimi background according to her LinkedIn account is in Government Relations with previous work experience working in finance at Wells Fargo Bank and as an analyst at the D.O.D. having graduated from Mercy College in 2014 with a degree in Corporate Homeland Security, National Security.

Wells Fargo did not comment about Mrs. Brahimi employment status however Tanya has claimed during school board meetings to “being retired”.

Her personal life is also a bit muddled which could also be why she chose to use an Alias. Tanya M. Brahimi as was born to Salvatore and Carmela Esposito and appears to have spent the majority of her life in NY between the Bronx, Yonkers and further upstate in both Putnam and Dutchess Counties.  

Researchers discovered that in May of 2015 Tanya Esposito married Vilson Brahimi, according to their joint Facebook profile that has not been updated in a few years

A quick look into Tanya’s husband Vilson and it was discovered he was a native of Yugoslavia formerly living in Yonkers NY and in 1995 was arrested for Burglary for breaking into an Automatic Teller Machine in Montgomery County PA, resisting arrest in the process..

While it was some time ago it does appear that Vilson did do some prison time for the felonies. Which is odd because Tatiana likes to push “BlueLivesMatter” on her social media accounts which I guess they do when you aren’t resisting arrest after trying to rob a bank.  Perhaps the BlueLivesMatter is more a marketing demographic for her. 

Here is a picture of Tanya/Tatiana screaming at police at a School Board meeting.

Prior to Tanya taking on the Tatiana persona her life was marked with tragedy when in 2016 her then 18yo son Michael Esposito was killed after he and another individual attacked a car with baseball bats while engaging in what police describe as “illegal conduct”. The driver of the vehicle in an attempt to flee drove the car forward and over Michael who later died from his injuries.

Tanya’s motives may be pure or she could simply be another grifter looking for her 15 minutes of fame to fleece the masses. Her website was developed quickly and of course there’s a Donate page. Which could be for a legitimate charity she founded or more this is all a result of Tanya being served with a debt collection lawsuit in late 2020 and she simply needs a way to make money fast.  

What is interesting about her website beyond the grifting potential is the private groups and message boards one designed for students and the other for parents. The parents page encourages others to sign up to be a local leader then be trained by them to WIN and fight in your hometown which raises questions about who is behind the training videos and what is their agenda.

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