NAME: David Scott Holloway
HOME BASE: Arlington, VA

When Newsweek published an article about neo-Nazi Billy Roper in 2004, they included a photograph from August 24, 2002 of a bonehead giving the Nazi salute outside the US Capitol during the rally that Roper organized for the National Alliance. If one was to look at the photo credit, they would see the name “David S. Holloway”. That is the name of a professional photojournalist that, surprise, surprise, is an associate of Roper’s.

No, thank you, Chain! When we put a picture up of David Holloway and Craig Cobb (then known as “No 1965 Chain Immigrants” on Stormfront), Cobb was so excited, he had to tell everyone over at the Vanguard News Network discussion board. On his thread, he refers to Holloway, as White Revolution’s (WR) “media guy”. We weren’t sure about that until he said so.

Now here is where the fun begins because when we first published this Gallery entry, we had a lot of people saying he wasn’t a Nazi or a nationalist. Even Billy Roper says that. Problem is, Roper has relied on him hyping him up and giving him all the publicity in the world in the mainstream press and it is the kind of access that one would surmise comes from someone just a tad too close to Roper. It doesn’t help matters much when back in the day Craig Cobb, the neo-Nazi that became famous for his attempt to take over a town in North Dakota, refered to him as the “White Revolution media guy”, which was the name of the now-defunct organization Roper founded after being kicked out of the National Alliance. The issue is compounded by the fact that Holloway seems to be doing a coward’s cover. That’s when as people call you out for something that you are about or doing, everyone runs to your defense as you remain silent. Holloway has done that for over a decade, let everyone else fight his battles while he does not try to speak for himself or in his case explain why this neo-Nazi keeps saying that they are tight. This has become an issue recently because a documentary was released purporting to be about the parents of a neo-Nazi who are being radicalized to help him as he deals with the prospect of prison because of his participation in the assault on DeAndre Harris during the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, VA on Aug. 12, 2017. The documentary, which was released by NBC Left Field, features Roper prominently as the leader of the Shieldwall Network, his latest outfit that the incarcerated bonehead Jacob Goodwin is a member of. In the credits are two directors, Asian-Canadian photojournalist Ed Ou, and our boy, David Scott Holloway. In a Stormfront podcast, Roper hyped up the documentary and his relationship with Holloway which he says goes back to his college days:

Billy Roper: “For the last several months, we’ve been working through NBC. There is actually a guy who I was an undergrad with in college, so I’ve known him for over – well, a long time. Actually, about 25 years, and he was the first reporter to ever interview me when I was coming out and becoming a openly white nationalist, so, I trust him and I don’t necessarily trust NBC or his producers or editors. But we’ll see what the final product looks like. It was a documentary that they’ve been working on and they had actually went to the Goodwin’s house and spent time with them, interviewing them and following them around and they came to my house and followed us around. They came to Shield Wall Network meetings and rallies and protests, and actually videotaped Shield Wall Phalanx training sessions, and this went on for a couple months. The final product is going to be released soon, this NBC documentary that has a trailer posted yesterday, and the trailer is on People can go to YouTube and type in “The Path to Radicalization”, and it’s about a minute and a half long trailer. So far, the trailer looks good.”


“Red”: “One more question. Who did this documentary?”


Billy Roper: “It was done by NBC. And the guy who approached me for it, is one who has followed me for the last 20-25 years. From, you know, National Alliance days on forth, and his name is David Holloway, and he did a lot of the filming, and they also had, believe it or not, had an Asian do some of the filming, which, anyway, that’s what it was. (Chuckles) But that’s why we don’t know about the final production and the editing, how it’s going to turn out. I do trust David. I’ve worked with him for decades. I don’t trust the rest of them, to be honest with you any further than I could throw them, so we’ll have to see how it all looks out when it’s done.”


“Red”: “Don’t you think the – don’t you think that the proceeds this guy makes off this documentary ought to go to help Jacob, or whoever he’s documenting?”


Billy Roper: “Ha, ha, ha. Right, well, he’s not really a nationalist. He, you know, sometimes gives us publicity, and that could benefit.”

Now back in the day, you definitely saw Holloway’s photos around because they appeared pretty much everywhere from Getty Images, to MSNBC, to the Washington Post. Because he lived in Arlington, Va., Holloway had a front row seat to the attack on the Pentagon on Sept. 11, and was able to take some shots that some news services picked up. Even conservationist Jane Goodall  has photos of herself by Holloway on her website. One of those photos got him a second place award from the White House News Photographers Association (WHNPA), of which he is a member. Swedish band The Division of Laura Lee also has Holloway’s photography on their CD Black City, and he also has photographed Liz Phair, Smokey Robinson (when we won the BET Walk of Fame Award, no less), and Matthew Broderick. Obviously it is very likely Holloway’s subjects, not to mention those he works with are not looking at him as a possible Nazi. On the other hand, we should also note that his photos also appeared on the personal website of Byron Calvert of Panzerfaust Records, as well as the website for EURO, David Duke’s group. We can’t give them the same benefit of the doubt!

As Billy Roper keeps putting himself out there Holloway is sure to be there documenting every move as his own personal Leni Riefenstahl. And should that come across as a little harsh to some folks, it’s really very simple. Holloway needs to stop being coy about the concerns and address them.



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