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According to today’s Neo cons, there are no racists or extremists among them.  No, you are just seeing things when you see lawyer Howard Fezell wear a t-shirt during an anti-immigration rally that reads “Viva la raza blanca” (“Long live the white race”), or when Ron Paul keeps the $500 donation to his campaign from Stormfront, or when people shoot abortion doctors and security guards at Holocaust Museums.  Of course, all the puppeteers behind the scenes are figments of your liberal imagination as well, trying to sully the name of good people like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin.  When actress/comedian Janeane Garofalo referred to those participating in the April 15 anti-tax “tea parties” as “ a bunch of racists” neo-cons everywhere had a collective heart attack, and went after her.  Perhaps the reason why she enjoyed the BS coming from their attacks on her was because she knew that while Greg Gutfield of the very seldom-watched Faux News show Red Eye asked “Where is the evidence to back up Garafolo’s claims?” Exhibit A was running the tea party in Pensacola, Florida.

That would be Rick Tyler, who might be best known among those who know him as the host of a shortwave/internet radio show called “Voice of Liberty”, and at one time ran a group called the Georgia Taxpayers Association. If things were that semi-benign, he would have simply been someone to watch. The reason why we focus on him in particular, however is because it is waaaaay too obvious what this scumbag’s about for people to pretend otherwise.

Much of Rick Tyler’s info goes back to that whole Patriot/Militia crowd of the nineties. He was leading something out of Epworth, Georgia called the Church of the Remnant which according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, this church is a Christian Identity Church. For the uninitiated is a religion that believes that whites are the chosen people, all other races are “mud races” and the Jews descended from Satan. He also was a part of a group called Citizens for a Constitutional Georgia, which also had racist and anti-Semitic leanings. That might have been a lot of fun for the folks over at the Council of Conservative Citizens, which tries to pretend they like Jewish people, since he was also their Georgia State Chairman.

This was at the same time he was running that Georgia Taxpayers Association and another outfit called the Voice of Liberty Patriots. The Nizkor Project reports that in March of 1995 Voice of Liberty Patriots held a conference in Atlanta that brought out elected officials associated with right wing extremists. Among them were Colorado State Senator Charles Duke, who help to negotiate the surrender of the Montana Freeman during their 1996 standoff, and resigned his Senate seat in 1998 with one year left to serve in his four-year Senate term, saying it was God’s will, and California State Senator Don Rogers, who has ties to the John Birch Society. Several in attendance sported “Georgia Militia” T-shirts reading “Don’t Tread On Me.” Willis Carto’s Liberty Lobby was also in attendance as their anti-Semitic tabloid the Spotlight was being sold there. This conference was a month before the Oklahoma City bombing, and when that happened, that put this whole Patriot/Militia crowd in a spotlight they really didn’t want. Tyler made it clear on his radio show when he warned listeners that the bombing was being used by the government to justify creating a police state. “They are ruthless, they are cunning, they are cutthroat, and furthermore, we are their target,” he said. The first anniversary of the bombing was observed by Tyler with a “Remember Waco Convention” in Waco, Texas that again featured a number of elected state officials, including Don Rogers.

There is more that we are going to add as we go along, but folks can pretty much see what we are dealing with when it comes to Tyler. He is now in Pensacola, Florida, and on July 4, 2008, he started a online meetup group called the Constitutional Action Network and Defenders Organization. This is basically a meetup for your usual anti-immigrant, Ron Paul-loving teabaggers that make up your more rabid and hateful conservatives in America. Tyler is a member of the Pensacola Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty and the recent activity from the crowd has kept him pretty busy. So he is definitely going to be making a presence pretty soon…and we will be writing about it when he does. So if you have some clown trying to do that usual pretend outrage thing about how we call the teabaggers racist, point to Rick Tyler – and see how quickly they want to leave.

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