NAME: Joel Marasco
HOME BASE: Jersey City, NJ
DOB: 1973

When we first heard of Joel Marasco, we only knew him as a family court lawyer living in Jersey City, New Jersey who was involved in several local organizations, someone who knows local politicians, and – here’s the kicker – an associate of the hate group Council of Conservative Citizens.  That’s where the fun begins, because that’s the White Supremacist organization whose website infamously inspired Dylann Storm Roof to murder nine African Americans in Charleston South Carolina. And here is another caveat about this guy: he is also an Assistant Deputy Public Defender in Jersey City, NJ!

That title is a little bothersome, to say the least. That means a lot of Black and Brown people have their lives in his hands and if he holds the beliefs of the CCC and the other groups he was caught in a meeting with last year, one can’t be sure that they are being adequately represented – to underscore a fact.

The Council of Conservative Citizens has been written about by us and many other media outlets. Founded in 1985 by the late Gordon Baum, it comes from the ashes of the White Citizens Councils of the sixties of which Baum was an officer. They believes in the separation of all races, but particularly Whites from Blacks, the latter they believe to be genetically inferior. They have amassed a great deal of power over the past 30-plus years, getting support from conservative politicians and pundits, especially from the South. Former Mississippi Sen. Trent Lott caught some hell in 2003 because after his remarks praising Strom Thurmond’s Dixiecrat days, it was revealed he was an honorary member of the group. The drama forced him to resign as Senate Majority Leader and eventually he gave up his seat entirely. But it was the Dylann Roof shooting that thrust the group into the spotlight of a new generation.

After the shooting, the C of CC went somewhat underground, but did not stop associating with neo-Nazi groups like Vanguard America (who in 2017 had been fingered as the group responsible for vandalizing a Holocaust memorial in Lakewood, NJ), Traditionalist Worker’s Party, Identity Europa, websites like the Daily Stormer and podcasts such as the Right Stuff. Marasco has attended meetings with all of them in midtown Manhattan as part of a C of CC chapter that keeps its head down for the most part, but nevertheless has been particularly active for decades. In Oct. 2018, an article exposed him and others in the New York City area as active players in the so-called “alt-right” campaigns, with Marasco attending hate conferences such as the New York Forum in April 2017 organized by Counter Currents and Margo “Metroland” Sheehan (aka Margo Darby). In the article, which identifies Marasco as “a charismatic family court attorney from Jersey City in his early 40s, and member of the Council of Conservative Citizens,” Marasco told the reporter – who was undercover at the time – exactly how he felt about things during a monthly gathering at Jack Dempsey’s an Irish pub in Manhattan around the time Trump bombed Syria in 2017: 

I asked about Trump bombing Syria. Joel replied: “Listen, Trump is a cuck. His kids married Jews. He went to a Jewish wedding, with a guy with one of those beards there, and was OK with it.” He never harbored illusions about Trump, but Trump was the “least anti-white candidate” and he doesn’t regret voting for him. Joel talked excitedly about his plan for building a white “city-state” and wonders what that would entail. “Maybe a dozen of us running for office?” I remarked that the demographic shift in NYC makes that possible, but Joel was not sure the white people moving to the city are willing to “take their own side,” since they love helping out “NAMs” (non-Asian minorities). White liberals, Joel said, are the most “white supremist” of all, since they think minorities need so much special help to advance. White liberals are the most racially aware people around, he reiterated, “even more than us!”

Joel also has some rather curious local political associations. he’s very tight with his Councilman Richard Boggiano. Boggiano is an “independent” who is a retired cop with links to West Point/Military organizations.  Marasco’s has also been spotted at events with 2017 Jersey City mayoral candidate Bill Matsikoudis, who eventually lost to the incumbent mayor Steven Fulop. Marasco marched with both in the 2016 Jersey City Columbus Day parade. There is also Nick Grillo, a candidate for councilman in 2017 who may be friends with Marasco through their activiy in local Italian organization events.

Now Joel knows people are aware of his being down with this crowd, so and tried to tighten things up. But regardless of how much he tries, we already know. And now everyone else does, including those impoverished Black and Brown people he says he is defending in Jersey City courts.

Now we should note that in the interest of full disclosure, Marasco does not like the fact that people knows. We know this because he has tried to scrub the internet of this information several times, and has come after this entry in particular. His most spectacular stunt had been to  file a criminal complaint against One People’s Project founder Daryle Lamont Jenkins charging him with cyberstalking and bias harassment by “threatening, stalking and harassing the victim, causing him to fear for his safety” and “by repeatedly using the words ‘White’ and ‘Italian’ referring to the victim’s race.” It was a stunt so incredibly weak that Jenkins didn’t even have to appear in court to get it squashed. But Marasco still persists. We don’t know why though. Cat’s out of the bag. and this isn’t going away.

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