Chris Barker is a raging KKK member, based in East Yanceyville, North Carolina, with a long criminal record. He has said he is a “white separatist” and conducts open KKK rallies. It is widely believed that he has become an FBI informant to stay out of jail. He is an “Imperial Wizard” of the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan who has been arrested over 50 times, including several times for beating his wife. He’s been charged with attacking another Klansman in December 2016, stabbing with intent to kill. He is such a hot mess that even other Klansmen don’t want to touch him.

The Loyal White Knights claim they are “the most active Klan in America,” and Barker apparently makes money through membership dues and donations. Barker’s group has been associated with some of the more publicized actions that the KKK has engaged in, including the rally on July 8, 2017, in Charlottesville, Virginia. Barker himself, however, was placed on a $75,000 bail, preventing him from leaving Caswell and Rockingham counties in North Carolina.

Barker has been widely thought to be an FBI informant, which is why he has stayed out of jail. According to the attentive reporting of Nate Thayer, Barker was a collaborator in an FBI “sting” of an individual named Glendon Scott Crawford. Crawford wanted to build some sort of laser death ray (at this point more science fiction than reality) to kill Muslims. Barker made phone calls and hosted Crawford in his home, all while wired with the FBI’s microphones, in order to help the FBI gather evidence against Crawford. Presumably, he did this to save his own neck.

How many types of wrong can one person be?

Barker was arrested in December 2016, hours before his group was to hold an election victory rally for Donald Trump. He and Klansman William Hagen had apparently attacked and stabbed another KKK member the night before with the intent to kill.

Barker is so psychopathic, he apparently will commit deadly force against other Klansmen on the eve of one of their major events. In December 2016, the Klan was trying to hold a little victory rally to celebrate Donald Trump winning the presidential election. At their final planning meeting at Barker’s house, a Klansman named Richard Dillon from Indiana was stabbed multiple times in the chest by Barker and another man named William Hagen of California. Both Barker and Hagen were said to have assaulted Dillon.

Dillon apparently managed to escape from the KKK meeting, and stumbled bleeding into the local sheriff’s office at 3:15 AM. Barker was charged with “aiding and abetting assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, inflicting serious injury,” according to The New York Times, and Hagen was charged with “assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, inflicting serious injury.”

The stabbing was only the latest big criminal event Barker has been involved in. He’s got a rap sheet that only white privilege can bring. Here’s what VICE News said about Barker:

Barker’s criminal record, according to law enforcement documents, spans at least 18 years and includes arrests on at least 20 charges, including larceny, possession of stolen goods, malicious arson, at least five DUIs, and possession of a firearm by a felon. Most of the charges aren’t related to white supremacy—instead, they are indicative of a man with an alcohol problem and a short temper who can’t stay out of trouble.

Barker is a controversial figure, even among other KKK members. Even before he attempted to kill another Klan member.

Nate Thayer describes the incident that got Barker kicked out of another KKK group in July 2011:

“Four members of the Rebel Brigades of the Ku Klux Klan attended a cross burning in rural southeastern Virginia, got drunk, drove to Danville, and desecrated the Beth Shalom Synagogue by painting a swastika on the front door,”

Danville residents placed an American flag to obscure the vandalism, and local police opened a criminal investigation; the FBI was notified immediately that a hate crime had occurred.

“Chris Barker has been very high on the list of suspects for the synagogue incident since the get-go,” said Danville police chief Philip Broadfoot in an interview in July.

Multiple Klan officials, others with knowledge of events that night, and four law enforcement officials confirmed to VICE that Barker was the ringleader behind the hateful vandalism. Two months after the incident, one of those who committed the crime confessed to the Rebel Brigades of the Ku Klux Klan Imperial Wizard and named the people responsible. The KKK group promptly expelled the four members, including Barker and his wife.

“You do not deface houses of worship—ever,” said Rebel Brigades leader Billy Snuffer. “We kicked them out in the third week of September, 2011 when we found out. Chris Barker gives the Klan a black eye.”

By 2013, the group had been formed around hot-mess Barker. A March 2013 rally to protest the removal of Confederate monuments and a statue of a slave owner has been called the group’s “first splash” by Mark Potok, Senior Fellow at Southern Poverty Law Center, writing in the Fall 2014 issue of the SPLC’s publication Intelligence Report.

Barker himself is the scary clown who plays ringleader of the horrifying Loyal White Knights circus. In 2008, he apparently tried to light someone’s house on fire, the home of a man he suspected was having an affair with his wife. And despite the fact that the Loyal White Knights website contains blather about Christianity, the Bible, and God, he made it clear that he didn’t care about Christmas. Yep, he tried to light the guy’s house on fire on Christmas Eve. Apparently, he may have gotten away with attempted arson, too, except he accidentally left a discount card behind, “the kind you swipe at the cash register at Walmart.”

Curiously, even though Barker has apparently been engaged in spousal abuse and intimate partner violence, his wife, Amanda Barker, is still involved in his hateful activities. Amanda Barker is known as the “Imperial Kommander” of the group. She has a YouTube channel under her name, and the handle “whiteladyb,” which features a cross burning and other videos. The group’s website is also registered under her name.

The Loyal White Knights has always been a shit show. In 2016, the National Socialist Movement attempted to form the “Aryan Nationalist Alliance,” which was supposed to be an alliance of racist hate groups. According to the SPLC, the Loyal White Knights were a driving force in the alliance forming, then their name was suddenly and mysteriously dropped from the list of participating organizations.

Barker’s group is shrinking. Though frequently conducting flyering campaigns to make the group appear larger and more important than it really is, the Loyal White Knights is actually waning in numbers. Especially since the stabbing event in December 2016, the group’s membership has plummeted. The membership of the Loyal White Knights is between 50 to 70 people, according to Carla Hill of the ADL’s Center on Extremism.

A national hotline is run by the Loyal White Knights and is thought to be managed by Barker himself. That number is (336) 432-0386. They also have a website that will make your eyeballs feel dirty, which is

Barker has been known to use pseudonyms, such as “Robert Jones” and “James Spears.” He may have used a pseudonym recently when contacting the Charlottesville publication C-VILLE Weekly in advance of the July 8, 2017, KKK rally in Charlottesville.

The lesson of Barker is that a Klan member can be a raving misanthrope who can barely sober up, but that doesn’t mean they’re not dangerous. We’re watching you, Barker.

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