Jeffrey R. Schoep is another babbling idiot with a Nazi fetish. He is the leader of the National Socialist Movement (NSM or Nazi Movement), and assumes the title of “Commander.” Swastika and cross burnings, public rallies, and pretending not to condone “illegal actions” are his daily grind.

“If things divide and a race war breaks out, obviously organizations like ours are going to be on the frontline in that… we’re going to be on the frontline taking care of business,” Schoep told a journalist in 2016. He also noted that a race war “is something that could happen in the United States.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Report profiled Schoep as one of 40 hatemongers to watch. Since we had been hearing about him a lot as well, we figured we should take that cue and watch him. The NSM is one of the few white power organizations out there that still stage public rallies. In April 2011, when they held their conference in New Jersey, they learned the hard way why so many other organizations decided to forgo such public displays, as hundreds came out to oppose them during their rally outside the Statehouse in Trenton. The night before, they had engaged in a street fight with people opposed to them that sent four of their number to the hospital. Schoep got pepper sprayed in that melee. But it is not just the usual opponents that have issues for one reason or another with either the NSM or its members. Mere weeks after the conference, Schoep was on the television program 60 Minutes because one of his conference attendees, a California NSM member named Jeff Hall was put out of his misery by his 10-year-old son who shot him as he slept on a couch.

It is not surprising how much of a band of ne’er-do-well misfits the NSM are, considering the kind of person Jeffrey R. Schoep is. An ex-con with five children he hardly sees – if he is even allowed to – Jeff is the ultimate misfit, and that typical ironic face of white supremacy that is himself the embodiment of much of what he complains Blacks and Hispanics are all about.

According to the SPLC, Schoep says he began reading Hitler in fourth grade, and has been involved with in neo-Nazi groups since he was 19. Schoep joined the National Socialist American Workers Freedom Movement of South St. Paul and became its rising second in command by 1993. He is a staple at WP events where he would speak often, and this might be the reason why in 1998, veteran neo-Nazi Allen Vincent handed the Freedom Movement over to the 24-year-old declaring him the future leader of the white race and the man who would finally achieve “white revolution.” This was also when they changed their name to the National Socialist Movement – and also the same year Schoep pled guilty to aiding and abetting a burglary while his girlfriend’s children waited in a getaway car. According to court records, the then-unemployed Schoep helped the mother of his daughter steal $4,000 worth of computer equipment. He was sentenced to probation, and the judge called him out as a hypocrite. Fathering a child out of wedlock and stealing. We say again, these are the things that the NSM admonishes people of color for when they do it. When it’s them, it’s a sign of leadership apparently.

Schoep also has a “Commander’s Desk” on the NSM website where there are links to a small number of ragtag interviews and fancy photographs that probably make him feel like he’s commanding things.

Under Schoep, the NSM grew to about 43 chapters across the country and boasts 100 fellow Nazi fetishists, according to the SPLC. These fetishists and followers for the most part are trying to recreate not so much what Hitler did in the forties, but what George Lincoln Rockwell did in the sixties. Like him, they will fail in their efforts, but they are on their way a lot faster because the leadership is a pure mess. Schoep is no wunderkind. A few years ago, he was still an unemployed schlep who was reportedly on disability. That’s right folks. Schoep was going around the country reportedly on our tax dime to promote his Nazi ideal. On top of everything else, he is listed in incorporation papers for the NSM as its sole proprietor.

In 2009, however, just after he got married, Schoep got off disability and started a company called Tyr Productions, which more incorporation papers says deals with film/video production and DVD sales. The company operates an page  where it sells neo-Nazi flags and other items, books with titles like Thank God! My Savior Was Not a Jew! and records by the Swedish neo-Nazi singer Saga. While we’re at it, we should note that the NSM also sells stuff too, like records, NSM flags (that are made in China) and NSM pins (that are made in Pakistan).

In 2016, Schoep appeared in the VICELAND program “Hate Thy Neighbor” organizing a shoddy swastika-burning as British host and comedian Jamali Maddix looks on. Schoep speaks to Maddix with a humorless, obsessive gaze as he insists that his movement is growing.

That would be enough to anger many of us, but it gets worse. Schoep apparently doesn’t seem to care who it is that is in leadership in his organization. Among the crowd is John Snyder, who runs NSM Indiana. Snyder is listed in Indiana sex offender’s registry, and if we were able to find his listing, you know Schoep is aware of it. The kicker in all of this is the fact that Schoep has kids. In other words, Schoep is not providing for his children in any manner of legitimate work, and he risks exposing them to a sex offender who he has them see as an authority figure. And that in a nutshell sums up the leader of the National Socialist Movement. He will never be a leader where it matters however.

Schoep has something on his website challenging people who believe in racial equality to debate him on the issue. Concern yourself with your own shortcomings, Jeffrey. We take care of ourselves just fine.

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