NAME: Robert Freeman
A/K/A: “Andrei Kievsky” or just “Kievsky”
HOME BASE: 5 Easy St., Plainfield, CT
FORMERLY – 140 Hancock, Everett, MA 02149 (617)387-0817
FORMERLY – 43 Roosevelt Avenue
Norwich, CT 06360
Phone: 860-887-9381

Connecticut attorney Anna Zubkova got a lot of unwanted attention a few years ago. Back in 2014, she was  running for probate judge in the state, but a complication developed. That complication was her husband Rob Freeman, and you could not ask for a bigger one. He ran the white supremacist blog Mindweapons in Ragnarok, but before then he was a member of the neo-Nazi organization National Alliance, and he has been a very active player over the past decade or so.

In 2004, University of Vermont professor and later contributor to the white supremacist website Occidential Quarterly Robert S. Griffin published a a collection of essays by white nationalists titled One Sheaf, One Vine : Racially Conscious White Americans Talk About Race. Among the essays about how they came to their way of thinking by virtual unknown contributors as well as White Power musician Eric Owens and Vanguard News Network webmaster Alex Linder is that of Freeman’s, and he details how things morphed him into the sociopath we know him to be today. We first came across him back in 2002, which was the year he said he joined the National Alliance, when we first came across him in York, PA on January 12 of that year. That was when Matt Hale’s World Church of the Creator (now Creativity Movement) held a public meeting in that town’s local library and turned the downtown area into a battlefield as antifa and neo-Nazi clashed in what is refered to as the “Battle of York”. He was only a face in the crowd that day, but two months later in Framingham, MA, he and other white supremacists took a particular interest in the monthly forums of the Human Relations Commission, which are a part of the ”No Place for Hate” campaign pushed by the Anti-Defamation League and 50 communities in the state, and this is where he started to be more vocal.

Freeman had been coming to the public meetings passing out racist flyers and causing a disturbance in other ways. This had been the talk of the town, and eventually he decided to bring friends to the meeting to spread whatever message they are trying to get out. In one exchange with anti-racist groups who were also attending the meetings, he challenged them to try and confront him his community in nearby Everett.

“I thought one guy was going to attack me in the meeting” Freeman would write in One Sheaf, One Vine. “When I got out into the street, the Anti-Racist Action — the ARA — had shown up. They are a group of communist Jews, and they had masks on and they were threatening violence. It was like gang warfare, us and the ARA. The police were very alarmed because they had never dealt with such a thing. As it turned out, there wasn’t any violence, but some ARAs took pictures of us and put them on a web site — I guess to scare us.”

Well, you could probably guess what website that was, but it wasn’t to scare them but rather inform everyone else, and Freeman, being the extrovert Nazi that he is, helps that along. His activities in his local area garnered him a bit of press, a local paper granting an interview at that time where he said he had focused on Hamilton, MA because the town’s selectmen were under fire for refusing to endorse the “No Place for Hate” campaign, and Freeman, said he wanted to support them. At a National Alliance demonstration in that town, he almost joined then-National Alliance Deputy Coordinator Billy Roper in the particular distinction of getting whacked by a disapproving citizen when someone swung a baseball bat at him, but missed. Freeman would later write:

“I read about all this in the newspaper and I thought, “Oh boy, this opens up a chance to oppose the Anti-Defamation League.” So I set up a protest on Easter Sunday in Hamilton. We had signs that said, “Let’s make Israel no place for hate” and “Stop the Jewish holocaust against the Palestinians” and “ADL, practice what you preach.” If you recall, that same day there was an Israeli raid that killed Palestinians like crazy and it was very bad, so the timing turned out to be perfect. The Hamilton police were very nice to us, and people stopped and took packets of information from us. There were some hostile people, but for the most part people seemed pretty sympathetic.

“As we were packing up and about to leave, a blue SUV pulls up and this gentleman who was very hostile got out. He was obviously Jewish and he was all mad and yelling. He said that it says in the Bible that that land in the Middle East belongs to the Jews and things like that. Eventually, his teenage son jumps out of the car with a baseball bat and starts swinging at me and the other people. The police chief of Hamilton was on his day off and in civilian clothes and he pulled up in his car just as the kid was swinging the bat at us. He got out of his unmarked vehicle and he said, “Son, give me the bat. I’m the Hamilton Police Chief,” but the kid wouldn’t give him the bat. The kid and the police chief struggled over the bat, and finally the chief got the bat away from the kid. He had called for backup and four police cruisers showed up and they arrested the kid and took statements from all of us, but they never did prosecute the case.”

In One Sheaf, One Vine, Freeman said he was raised by liberal parents and became conservative as a teenager because he came to the conclusion that his parents were leading him astray. “The ’60’s generation, our parents, didn’t respect the traditional values of the generation before them, and the result was that their own children grew up in a vacuum,” he wrote. “I respect my parents, I revere them, but I kind of had to raise myself I had to find an identity and figure out what adulthood was on my own.”

According to his essay, although he tried to fit in with his peers, even trying to join groups like Earth First!, he did not find the respect he was looking for except from white supremacists. He sauntered on however, going to Connecticut College and arguing and getting more and more annoyed with the left and in particular Jews. After graduating collge he lived in Russia for about six months, but couldn’t find work and came back to the States, finding work in the Army Reserves as a Russian linguist. And again he saw the job as another thing to make him complain about Jews:

“During that time, I saw that the federal government was very corrupt. There were a lot of things, but the big thing that got me was they protected a couple of Jewish gangsters who stole millions of dollars from Russia. I was reading articles about the case in Russian newspapers — you couldn’t read about it in our papers. I saw this one picture in the paper of an old man, and his face was screwed up in anger and he was holding his fist — the Russians, it’s like when we give the middle finger, they make a fist and put their thumb between the middle finger and their first finger and they point their thumb at you. That’s what this old man was doing who had lost all his money in this particular bank. I felt bad for him and I was very angry that our government sided with the people who stole the money from him. I was horrified. I had grown up a strong patriot and I had a crisis of faith in the whole U.S. government. For the first time, I saw a Jewish connection with the problems I was seeing and I took note of that.”

Freeman met his wife Anna (he calls her Anya in the book) in 1997, and married her a year later, although he made her keep her maden name. In the book, he says they caught hell because INS saw that she married while on a student visa and had no intention of going back to the Ukraine. He also says they denied her mother entry into the country because she was a widow with no property and no reason to return, thus staying and putting a burden on the welfare system. “At the same time they were doing that to us, Mexicans and El Salvadorians and Guatemalans and Africans were streaming in by the thousands every month,” he wrote. “Even if they come in illegally, the government just kind of winks and looks the other way. And certainly any Jew can come to this country who wants to.”

So all of his experiences led him to joining the National Alliance in 2002, and he wasn’t going to be shy about it either. “I remember when I was at Connecticut College and they had (Holocaust survivor) Eli Wiesel speak and I knew what he was saying couldn’t be that way, that he was slanting things,” he wrote. “But I didn’t have the information I do now and so I couldn’t stand up and ask a question that would break through all his lies. But I have more information now and I can stand up for myself better now, so I’ve decided to go on my own little crusade. I am going to get the Jews and liberals, smash through their deceptions. I am going public and speaking the truth, and it has been great, fantastic.”

It was also perfect timing since he started becoming more active after he was laid off from his job as a computer technician in January, 2001 at Authentica, a Waltham, MA firm. When we last wrote on him, he was currently taking classes at the Bay State School of Technology in Canton. He fancies himself an environmentalist (which explains why we found his email address on SEAC mailing lists!), and hopes to earn a living building ecologically friendly appliances. Under the name Andrei Kievsky, a pen name he writes under, he has talked of opening up a second-hand store franchise for white supremacists.

Apparently getting laid off and going on unemployment while he goes to trade school was part of a greater plan. “We have to learn to become subversives, to take up the tactics of marginal peoples. To get more out of society than we put in,” he once wrote. “We need to become, to some degree, parasites, though Aryans, with their openness and honesty, will end up being pretty benign parasites even when we make an effort to do so. That’s OK, because it’s better than our being used to support a System that is systematically displacing and eliminating us.

“Going to work for a boss is instant money, and it takes a lot of hard work to shoot out of the orbit of wage earning,” he continued. “Getting out of wage earning has to become a full-time hobby that you pursue when you are not at work.”

We have heard many a BS line from folks trying to avoid getting a job. This one takes first prize. How to turn laziness into political activism is not the only thing “Andrei” writes about. Par for the course with anyone ever associated with National Alliance, he writes often about how much the Jews are the cause of every problem that we have in life. In a letter to the editor where he maintains that the Constitution was written for White people, he explains his contention:

“We are losing our freedoms all for the “privilege” of being a “Die-verse nation” and the misguided idea that “America is a nation of immigration.” America is a nation of White immigration. That’s it. Now that the Jews have “opened the gates to the invaders” as they did to Spain, America has become a global territory, the descendants of the white settlers who made this country great can kiss their freedoms, and soon after that, their gene pool and civilization, goodbye.

1) Jews are responsible for the immigration policies that let Arab bombers into the country.
2) Jews are responsible for the foreign policies that made Arabs want to attack us.
3) Jews are responsible for obscuring these facts in their media.
4) End ZOG, end terrorism.”

Freeman continued to pass out National Alliance garbage, attend their rallies, write silly articles, and annoy folks at meetings until the shakeup within that organization that pretty much decimated it. He eventually started working with Roper’s new group White Revolution, and had a few friends tagging along. He has put himself out there for the world to see, however, and our attention to him must have made him concerned because on June 13, 2002, he sent us an email that read, “I’m employed now – Rob Freeman is gainfully employed! Stop calling me a lazy bum on your web site, LOL.” In Early 2005, we learned that he was working at a print shop and was fired after being busted printing up racist literature to pass out to the public.

Apparently Freeman was able to find gainful employment again, and it is actually keeping with his view of not going to work for a boss. The problem with that is he owns a cab company! It’s called Putnam Taxi, and it is based in Putnam, CT. If one goes to the company’s Facebook page, there’s not a lot of love for his services with drivers urinating in people’s driveway to leaving people stranded being among its many complaints. One guy points out that oh yes, the guy who runs the company is a racist.

In a podcast from August 2019, he was once again making it all part of fighting not just the Jews but Arabic people, whom he prefered to call “hajis”:

“White companies… you don’t call it that, you don’t call it the, you know, ‘Nazi Company’. You call it whatever. You don’t say… just have it be, how you call, plausible deniability. But just do it. People don’t dare to do anything. You gotta have some daring again. What happened to our courage?

“I have seen a White company headed by…one of us (that) hired White employees, (and) went up head to head against a Jewish-owned shop full of foreign…on-white workers and foreign workers, Muslims, Pakistanis and stuff, and, you know, the Jewish owners was too greedy and the non-White workers, they basically had the slave mentality. They wanted to get as much as they can out of it for the minimal work. And so the White company wiped the floor with them.”

In 2007, he got more press he rather he didn’t get. That August police were called to Odiorne Point State Park in Rye, NH on a complaint that someone was abusing a rabbit. When the police arrived the persons of concern were gone, but a few days later, a video showing Freeman and two others decapitating the animal was posted onto YouTube. After an investigation they were arrested and charged with felony charges of cruelty to an animal. All three were cleared when they made the defense that the rabbit was killed for food.

In 2010, he started Mindweapons in Ragnarok, and to give you an idea of how silly Freeman can get, goes on a theme that comes out of the Terminator movies – with the White race being the terminators. This is even apparent with it’s tagline: “Once Aryan Skynet is self aware, it doesn’t matter who threw the switch.” The blog is a hodge podge of white supremacist conspiracy theories and science fiction, and Freeman’s long-winded pronouncements tend to amount to mindless rambling. Still, they are enough to ask questions about his wife, namely where is she in all of this?

Freeman’s wife Anna Zubkova, who started her law career in 2004, mounted a campaign to be the probate judge for the Plainfield-Killingly Regional Probate District. Running in the Democratic primary was a bit of a daunting task once the news came out about her husband. While there was no evidence that she has been active in the same political activities as her husband, she still had to answer for her own personal judgement considering she’s running to judge over others. “He did not have those views when we married, but acquired them after,” she said. “What am I supposed to do, divorce him?” She asked in an interview for the Norwich Bulletin. “It’s not unusual for husbands and wives to have different views. As a judge, I can assure you I would not discriminate against anyone, even based on their beliefs. In my career, I’ve represented clients from many different backgrounds and races, all to the best of my knowledge and ability.”

That was a weak response, with many internet posts and tweets to the divorce question being a resounding “YES!” But it’s more than that. “These are not different views. These are radical, extreme right wing white supremacist views,” Karoli wrote at Crooks and Liars. “One does not awaken one morning with the need to defend the white race. It is a learned response, reinforced through childhood and into adulthood. She should be unelectable.

Freeman however has been drinking it all in, trying to balance his newfound fame with what it means for the fleeting hopes of having some sort of authority in this society via a wife who could have been a judge but now may be persona non grata. “There are a lot of us out here on the internet, but we generally avoid going public precisely because of the sort of thing that’s happening to my family right now, he wrote on Mindweapons. “If I was a single man, I’d be fine with it, I’d be calling up TV stations to come talk to me and generally raising the roof over this issue — why shouldn’t whites have a collective voice when everyone else does?”

It doesn’t seem to concern him too much however. After the newspaper article exposing him came out, he bragged about how “Readers of the Norwich Bulletin are going to know that I think white children should not be made to feel guilty for being white.”

Oh, they will know a lot more than that, Robby. Bank on that!

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