NAME: Ian Michael Fenwick
HOME BASE: 466 Spruce Ave, Galloway, NJ (his “investment property”)

On November 19, 2016, there was this conference put on by a White Supremacist group calling itself the National Policy Institute (NPI). It has been something they have held in Washington, DC for five years, often at the Ronald Reagan Building.  And although they have had a history of scant to no attention from the press or even local activists, that increasingly changed as Donald Trump was on his way to the Presidency and on this day, a few weeks after Trump won the election, the NPI Conference saw a massive outpouring of people coming out to oppose and confront the event. It has been best defined by NPI Executive Director Richard Spencer ending the final speech of the say by shouting, “Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!” to about 300 numbskulls giving him a Nazi salute in response.

A few hours before this infamous scene, the White Supremacist podcast Red Ice, who was covering the conference sent two of their so-called “reporters” to cover the protest – or what one of them, Emily Youcis, referred to as “the battle” in a video we produced. It was an odd choice of words considering everything was particularly peaceful with nothing more than a lot of shouting and marching going on. It was a particularly curious choice of words given how Youcis, and her cameraman went into the crowd of protesters and began getting into it with said crowd, which it was later learned was a continuation of an exchange of words they had with protesters at a pre-conference event in Maryland the night before. It didn’t take long before it turned into the “battle” that Youcis said it would be, with the cameraman grabbing one protester and getting beat down for it and Youcis eventually running back into the Reagan Building with police escorting her as protesters chanted, “Run, Nazi Run!”

The incident put a spotlight on Youcis, who as folks would eventually learn basks in it as a vendor at Phillies’ games here in Philadelphia, as an animator who makes her own racist cartoons, and a singer in a now-defunct punk band. Her cameraman, not so much, and we can understand why. His name, save for “Ian”, the name seen on his NPI name tag, wasn’t known, so he was pretty much in obscurity. But eventually it would be learned that he is some young turd out of South Jersey named Ian M. Fenwick. Per some online reports, he’s an IT technician at the Borgata in Atlantic City and he is getting into real estate, but we will get to that in a minute. He also spent the past year hyping up Trump, and the past few months playing one of the Philadelphia area contacts for Red Ice, along with Youcis, and another wacked-out turd named Bryan Christopher Sawyer, a onetime model who lost that gig In October 2016 after he (and you really got to appreciate the sheer stupid in this) filmed himself harassing Black women at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts where he worked, calling them racial slurs and “inferior” and posting the video to his Facebook!!!! Sawyer interviewed Fenwick for the White Supremacist blog Occidental Quarterly after the conference and Fenwick, using the screen name “Aryan Gondola”, a tag he uses on yet another racist website called The Right Stuff, talked a lot about his upbringing and how he came to be the bonehead we know him to be today:

“Well, I was born and raised in New Jersey. I was home-schooled my entire life. I’ve actually never been in a public school. My parents always encouraged me to find my own path in life, not to just take the path others told me to take. Basically, the college-to-corporate pipeline. The same path my parents were pushed into. I had a well-rounded curriculum of math and history. I explored astronomy and electronics. From home school I went on to (Atlantic Cape) Community College. I went about halfway through, but found that I really wanted to pursue my entrepreneurial passion. After a few failed attempts with marketing and other things I settled on [redacted] as a path to independence economically, and the Alt Right as a way to chart a future for myself and my eventual children.”

Fenwick says he has been involved with hate politics since he was a teen, mostly online and eventually found people away from his laptop that he could hook up with. It was the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis that he said “turned me into a hard-line libertarian and almost a separatist to the federal structure because at that time they bailed out the big banks like JP Morgan and Chase.” That’s particularly curious because he has recently been pursuing investment properties, and landed one in June 2016 at 466 Spruce Ave, Galloway, NJ. Normally, it would be commendable to see someone in his early 20s taking charge of his life and making his financial future secure, but when we are talking about a neo-Fascist, such commendations will not only be fleeting, but also a concern for people who might not be too keen on his business practices as a landlord if said neo-Fascism has anything to do with it.

Ian Fenwick's "investment property".

Ian Fenwick’s “investment property”.

That might be the least of his problems, however. In a post to a real estate website, he talks of an investment property and in particular how he “got a 203K with my FHA loan”. Is that so? Well, the problem with that is if he got a loan from the Federal Housing Authority, the property he purchases cannot be used for investment purposes. FHA loans are to promote home ownership and the 203K Rehabilitation Mortgage Insurance is to help is to help renovate that home for the family that is moving into it. The only way it could be an investment property is if it was a duplex and he moved into one of the units, but 466 Spruce is an 872-sq. ft. single family dwelling with three bedrooms and one bathroom, so Fenwick must actually reside there or he’s screwed.

He might be feeling screwed to begin with though. Despite keeping a low profile – at least before this interview he gave – He knew that he needed to clamp down on all his online info. So he changed his name on Facebook to “Ian Rosenberg” and his Twitter and (we are guessing now defunct) LinkedIn pages to “Ian Stuart” – you know, like the dead lead singer of Skrewdriver. After this entry was posted he changed his name on that real estate website to “Ian F.” And to avoid anyone knowing he’s an IT Technician at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, he is now listing himself as “Tire technician at Pep Boys” and that he was in Berlin, NJ. To play it safe, we contacted the Pep Boys shop in Berlin, NJ and they didn’t know who he was, so…

So Ian Fenwick is now in the public eye. Neither he or Emily Youcis can play victim. They are not sympathetic characters. Furthermore, the FHA needs to look into if Fenwick is playing by the rules in regards to the housing loan they gave him. Bottom line, Fenwick is somewhat right when he says in the interview, “The Alt Right is now a target because we had an impact in getting Trump elected.” He and other neo-Fascists like him fail in recognizing that this society has been targeting and diminishing them long before Trump decided to push them ahead, and the election really doesn’t change that. If he thinks otherwise, he must have gotten one too many blows to the head that day.

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