NAME: Ronald Sheehy
AKA: “Tremley” (on Twitter and Stormfront)
DOB: February 18, 1968

In the interest of full disclosure, we need to note something. On the day we wrote this bio, a tweet from a guy with the Twitter name “Tremley” posted the following:

Twitter from Tremley

Now we should make clear that Daryle Lamont Jenkins doesn’t have kids and that tweet comes from some weird belief that stems from something found about ANOTHER Daryl Jenkins online. But we thought it would be nice for folks to know who this rather notorious internet troll just might be. The clue comes from the Tremley name, which he also uses on Stormfront. Tremley Point is a section of Linden, NJ and that’s where a guy named Ron Sheehy calls home. We met him in 2010 at a pro-Arizona rally sponsored by the anti-immigration group New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement (NY ICE). There is a bit of irony in that  NY ICE president Joanna Marzullo had at one point attempted to accuse those opposing her efforts as racists by shouting the charge at them. At the time she was confronted with the fact that members of the white supremacist board Stormfront was participating in her rallies around New York City, but she would never deal with the issue. In the case of Sheehy, we did it for her.

 Ron Sheehy with David Duke, left photo, and NJ Gov. Chris Christie. We know we are letting an opportunity for a cheap political shot go by, but we are just going to assume that Christie doesn’t know what Sheehy is about.

Sheehy is pretty well documented on the internet. As noted, he is a regular poster on Stormfront as well as a regular tweeter. When he is not posting articles that he thinks will support his opinion on things, much of his posts are particularly crass like when he tweets back to Oprah Winfrey calling her a “big fat nappy head sheboon” or when he talks on Stormfront about being “nauseose (sic) thinking about how bad the stench of blacks were that I went to School with”. His thing has often been to directly contact those he hates so much and try to give them shit, but the people he goes after can give as good as he gets. When the antifa known as the Tinley Park 5 were awaiting trial and were moved to other prisons, he taunted supporters with a post to the Hoosier Anti-Racist Movement (H.A.R.M.) website that read, “They are getting removed b/c they keep on getting ass raped by all the negroes there.” The obsession was not lost on H.A.R.M. that returned the shot. “What does it say about our State, if it’s forced to use violence and rape (real or perceived) in order to control the population?” Their response read. “I have to wonder if all the white nationalist internet shit-talkers are kept from acting on their beliefs because they fear ‘ass-rape by all the negroes there’ as fail troll Ron Tremley (@tremley) tried taunting us with.”

We should note that when he posts comments on various website from his Facebook account he uses his real name, so he doesn’t keep too much hidden, which is good for us. Also for the record, he tries to post on the One People’s Project website, but as we prefer intelligent conversation, we do not allow neo-Nazis on unless they prove our point far better than we can.

Sheehy, second from left, in a group photo at an April 2013 neo-Nazi rally in Jersey City. In the back row fourth from left is longtime white supremacist activist Erick Weigel. Right click to enlarge.

Sheehy does get out, as well. He associates himself with groups like former National Socialist Movement member Jason Heicke’s new organization the Advanced White Society and makes sure he attends whatever white power conferences are put on. He was also seen at the neo-Nazi rally put on in April 2013 by some outfit called the  Autonomous Nationalist East Coast and also attended by the Keystone State “Skinheads” , the Council of Conservative Citizens and others. Again in the interest of full disclosure, he tried to warn with a link on Stormfront to this site that antifa might come by to oppose their event, but no plans were ever made to do so.

Now when you are this involved and so few know who you are, chances are you are going to be just as involved in mainstream political activities as well. We have already seen Sheehy involved in the anti-immigration campaigns, and according to an article in the Daily Beast, he made an appearance at Pam Geller’s September 11, 2010 rally against Park 51, the Islamic center in lower Manhattan near the site of the World Trade Center, where he is noted to be from Linwood, NJ and that he told a Muslim cab driver after he accused him for wanting to stone women for wearing lipstick,“I’ll slap that f—ing beanie off your head!” He is also in our circles as well, and that we don’t like. A pipefitter, Sheehy is a member of Sprinkler Fitters Local 696. He is noted in a 2009 article where he defended the building of a coal plant at a meeting of the Linden town council that voted down the project. Later, when the project was approved he spoke again in support. “My house is the first house that you see when you leave the DuPont property,” he said of the area where the plant was to be built. “Out of the 1.8 million people in a 10-mile radius, I should be concerned the most. But after doing the research, I think doing coal gasification is the way to go.” Now, Sprinkler Fitters is part of the AFL-CIO, which on its website says they are “Working for the freedom from employment discrimination and the right of working families to fair pay, job safety, secure retirements and affordable health care have been goals fundamental to the union movement, which has long partnered with the civil rights and women’s movements and, more recently, with the LGBTQ community.” Sheehy kind of flies in the face of that.

He also started to concern Johanna Marzullo of NY ICE as well. According to Sheehy in one of his Stormfront posts, she asked him not to attend any more of their rallies because the heat was on:


Today, Marzullo does not acknowledge an association with Sheehy and will call you a racist if you bring it up.

Sheehy’s attempts to be involved in more mainstream politics by the way should remind everyone that you might want to keep your nose clean when you are politically active. In a few of the interactions with Sheehy, some antifa accused him of smelling of alcohol. It is often when he is goes off on one of his more colorful tangents. While we cannot confirm nor deny the allegations, we can definitely say alcohol has given him a few problems, most notably catching a DWI and open container charge in Cleveland County, North Carolina in October, 2012. At the time of this posting we are not certain of the outcome of this case.

Sheehy is one of those guys who functions best when no one knows who he is, but is too stupid to figure out that he has been leading himself to anyone with half a brain to figure things out online. Maybe he will think twice about trying to hassle people on the internet, but don’t hold your breath. That thinking part of thinking twice is one of those things he has yet to master.

Meet Ron Sheehy!

Meet Ron Sheehy, a k a Tremley! from One People’s Project on Vimeo.


Mayday marchers confront white racists at White House from One People’s Project on Vimeo.


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