NAME: Marcus Yung-Gyu Epstein
DOB: May 7, 1983

Imagine if you will a top employee to Al Sharpton, let’s say the Executive Director of his National Acton Network, getting drunk, seeing a white woman and calling her a racial slur before assaulting her. How much would the conservatives and liberals raise holy hell over it? How long do you think it would be before it hit the airwaves, and if it took too long, how many times would you hear complaints about a liberal media suppressing the information? How many demands would there be on Rev. Sharpton to answer for it, and if he didn’t how much would his detractors assail him for it?  Finally what if this person’s activism included pushing a black supremacist platform – even if this person isn’t black himself? In this entry, we focus our attention to the someone who fits that bill with a few exceptions. He doesn’t work for Sharpton or push for a black supremacist agenda. He works for Pat and Bay Buchanan as well as ex-Congressman Tom Tancredo. And for a while we have been calling him the man who seems to be vying for the World’s Second Darkest White Supremacist (Michelle Malkin will always have the top spot), with good bloody reason.

His name is Marcus Epstein and he runs with the same paleoconservative crowd Malkin courts every now and then. That means whenever he is in a room with them, he is counting among his colleagues members of not just the Council of Conservative Citizens, but full-on neo-Nazis from groups like the National Alliance (yeah, they are still doing their damndest to be relevant again). Epstein’s father is Jewish and his mother is Korean, which means he lacks that Aryan white blood that one would expect to find in idiots who diligently work for neo-Nazi type racists who so dearly hate his heritage and want eliminate his kind off the face of the earth. Somehow this is not a problem to the Buchanans who made him the Executive Director of the American Cause, the paleoconservative outfit Pat Buchanan founded in 1993. It is also no issue for Tom Tancredo’s Team America PAC, where he holds the same title. It’s definitely no problem for us, because whenever he shows up anywhere, it makes our job a lot easier because he is hanging out with folks who have some sort of power in the mainstream. If you are one of these people, your credibility is shot if Marcus Epstein is around.

This brings us to what we were talking about in that hypothetical scenario of one of Al Sharpton’s employees assaulting a white woman, because you can ask Tancredo and the Buchanans about credibility being shot after what Marcus did. See, when President Barack Obama tapped Judge Sonia Sotomayor as his first Supreme Court Nominee, all of them decided to launch into the standard routine whenever a person of color is about to attain a powerful political position – try to convince the public that he or she is an out-of-control racist. The thing that makes the routine on their part a little damning for them is that Marcus Epstein, the guy they keep propping up to defend their racialist interests, plead guilty in 2009 to assaulting an African American woman in what was deemed a hate crime committed almost two years prior. The hypocrisy makes them all look stupid, particularly considering at the time of this writing Pat Buchanan and Former Congressman Tom Tancredo justfy how he is still in their employ, although Bay Buchanan gave it a shot in an op-ed piece defending him for the conservative newspaper Human Events that was so bad the majority of those posting comments on the paper’s website overwhelmingly went against her.

Here’s what went down: On July 7, 2007 Epstein was drunk off his ass in the Georgetown section of Washington, DC muttering to himself, when he encountered an African American woman on the street, called her the n-word, and struck her on the head before the woman’s husband grabbed him. He broke from him and fled, only to be caught again and arrested by a Secret Service agent. At the time of this writing he was scheduled to be sentenced on July 8, 2009. No one said jack about the incident for two years, but then along comes little ol’ us. When One People’s Project dug this little chestnut up and reported it in May 2009, all hell broke loose. First DC Indymedia featured the story on its page, then the libertarian blog Little Green Footballs picked it up. Soon left-wing liberal blogs were ablaze with the information, and eventually it made its way to MSNBC, CNN the New York Times and so on (but not Fox News, interestingly enough).

This was indeed a rather important story. For decades, no matter how obvious they are otherwise, conservatives will deny that they are promoting racist politics. This was the first time their culpability in hate politics could not be denied, which is not to say they weren’t still trying. This story is hard to find on conservative blogs – if it is there at all – and not one conservative outlet on television, radio or newspaper is even talking about it at this point. As noted before however, the left wing blogs and some mainstream media are talking it up big time, and to go back to how we led off this entry, the main question has been how could any conservative defend this clown, let alone put him in prominent position despite knowing that he was damaged goods in the worst way?

And it isn’t like he is in the shadows either. Marcus has been on the radar screen for a while now and he made his most prominent move early in 2009, when he along with members of a right-wing youth activist training outfit called the Leadership Institute started a group called Youth for Western Civilization. It was a vile, vile group whose members focus is, as their site maintains, to “educate, organize and train activists on campuses across the nation to create a culture that will promote the survival of Western Civilization and pride in Western heritage.” Apparently, that culture had to be a White Supremacist one, since that circle was what made up its members. They tried to play coy with it for the three years that it was on the scene, and chapters have sprung up at various universities, and along with them protests against any activities from the group, including one that chased Tom Tancredo from the University of North Carolina. It eventually all fell apart thanks to Towson University YWC Chapter president Matthew Heimbach who didn’t keep his Nazism hidden and in effect gave away the store for not only his chapter but the organization overall. People started avoiding the group like the plague and eventually it shuttered.

And we know, we know. What so wrong about pride in Western heritage, right? Well, nothing, but when someone has a track record like Epstein’s one should have been suspect about other things he wishes to further. YWC apparently is – they deny he helped found the organization.

Marcus graduated from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA. In addition to his American Cause and Team American PAC gigs, he’s worked for right-wing outfits like the Leadership Institute, and founded the paleoconservative Robert Taft Club. He was a writer for right-wing hate organizations and websites such as infamously recognized white supremacist hatesite VDare, American Conservative, and All of these organizations are related to each other by supporting similar right-wing fascists and spreading their agenda of taunting hatred and racism. As a leader and organizer for these right-wing organizations, he has provided opportunities for his notorious fascist friends like American Renaissance’s Jared Taylor, Washington Times editor Robert Stacy McCain, and National Review’s John Derbyshire to express their similar hatred and make a living. Marcus Epstein’s deep affiliation with these hate group members have drawn the attention of many anti-racist groups like Southern Poverty Law Center, often receiving warning messages for his indulgence with recognized hate groups and members. One event was supposed to be held at the Leadership Institute’s building, but word got around that OPP might attend, someone panicked, and told them to take the event elsewhere, which ended up being a building at the Georgetown University Law School. Michelle Miller, the Director of Communications at the Leadership Institute, distanced the organization from the event, saying that they did not sign off on it and did not allow it to be held at their building one they found out about it. She also said that Epstein was just an intern there and only worked for them during the summer of 2006.

When Marcus isn’t busy supporting these Hitler-like dirtbags, he often writes similar hateful and racist material, primarily through VDare. In numerous VDare and neocon articles, Marcus follows the footpath of his predecessors by viciously attacking immigrants (as long as they are not white), Hispanics, Blacks, and anyone else who is not a right-wing white male with lies, shoddy research, and hatred.

It was in March 2007, a few months after the event Marcus though he would have at the Leadership Institute, when we caught up to him for the first time. He boasted how a month prior he and his friend Luke Pelican attended the 2007 National Conference on Organized Resistance (NCOR), an annual gathering at American University of progressives, mostly anarchists and environmentalists. It is open to the public, and folks already knew about the right crying about NCOR already but when it indeed comes to folks who want to participate to spy or cause some other trouble, it’s good to know who to look out for. Epstein and Pelican were not the only right-wingers there (one other pretty much got chased out of there when he started antagonizing folks), but since Epstein wanted to boast about his attendance to us, especially since he is a person of color who likes white supremacists, we thought it would be best to profile him on general principle.

But what’s up with a person promoting white supremacy who doesn’t exactly have a horse in that race (no pun intended)? For that we should turn to what he once posted in 2003 on a weblog titled “View from the Right”:

“While I don’t consider myself to be a White Nationalist (I am half Korean), I do hold a Darwinian-Galtonian view of racial differences, believe strongly in restoring Western Civilization, and am agnostic in religious matters, so this letter seems to apply to me. I agree with (17th Century Jesuit scholar Baltasar Gracián y Morales) that one can recognize that Christianity was important in the developing the West without believing in Christiantiy (sic).”

“Most people are not philosophers and rely on the mythical to develope (sic) their moral codes. Christiantiy (sic) has served the West well, not necessarily because it is true or that God gave his blessing to the West, but because of the values that it promotes. I think one does not have to embrace the scriptures to love the west, but they need to recognize the generally positive influence it has. Certainly one can not be vehemently anti-Chriatian (sic) and pro-West.”

“Christianity is not perfect in the values it promotes. In Multiculturalism and the politics of Guilt. (Paleoconservative professor from Elizabethtown College) Paul Gottfried comes up with some aspects of Christianity that have led to the current mess we are in. Nonetheless, it is true that Christianity has existed for over a thousand years without being intertwined with the multiculturalist dogma. The ‘We Shall Overcome’ Christianity is more a symptom of the Decline of the West rather than the disease.”

There isn’t any need to recap all the trash this young piece of trash spews out because it would require a landfill for that. Marcus Epstein is certainly a heinous right-wing fascist and racist nimrod who continues to draw the negative attention of the public form his hatred and stupidity. At 26, he is foolishly making a mistake following a dead-end career of lies, hypocrisy, hatred, and backstabbing that is inherent among his ranks. And now that he is forever marked as someone who will go that extra mile and physically assault people, there aren’t too many avenues he has left Let this be a lesson to you college graduates who think you may have a career in the hate industry – there is no future in it for Marcus, so don’t expect one for you.

One last thing: How would have Bay Buchanan responded if that hypothetical employee of Al Sharpton attacked her?

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