NAME: Billy Joe Roper, Jr.
HOME BASE: Harrison, AR
DOB: April 11, 1972
A running thing whenever someone is called out for being about something foul is for that person thanking their detractors for the publicity. In our case we do not mind giving bad people that publicity. Our contention is the more good people know the less bad people grow. The Council of Conservative Citizens for example grew in stature by their hate politics not being called out and politicians like Mississippi Senator Trent Lott and Ex-Governor Kirk Fordice had no problem being seen in their company. It was when their white supremacist ties were made evident that the group (who thanked the news reporter for the publicity), saw themselves from being a group on the inside to being a pariah for the right-wing.

To that end if someone we are considering for entry into the Gallery actually requests the placement…well, its funny, but it also helps make our decision easier. Say hello to Billy Joe Roper, Jr., Deputy Membership Coordinator of the National Alliance.

The son, grandson, and great-grandson of Louisiana Klansmen (According to Roper his great-great grandfather was a cavalry lieutenant under General Nathan Bedford Forrest, the man who went on to be one of the first Grand Wizards of the Ku Klux Klan), Roper is attempting to come into his own, and has started making his mark–or rather some folks are making marks on him. His right eyebrow boasts a bit of a scar from where his head ran into a crowbar during a rally to support Hendrik Möbus in July, 2001.

Two years prior, he was a high school history teacher based out of southeastern Arkansas. “As an undergrad I was active in College Republicans and local Republican politics up to the statewide level, and even was a member of the John Birch Society before I realized the Jewish question and became a revolutionary, rather than merely a conservative,” Roper told us. “I was a member of the Council of Conservative Citizens, and used their statewide meetings to polish my oratory skills, but I was also by that time an NA organizer and spokesman.”

There has always been that kind of cross pollination with the C of CC and the National Alliance, so it was no surprise that National Alliance founder William Pierce tapped Roper, by this time five years in the NA, to put his recently obtained Masters Degree from Arkansas Tech to another use.

Roper has sent the One People’s Project a number of emails that we corresponded to that gives people an idea as to what he is about “We (in the National Alliance) oppose globalization just as much as you do,” he wrote in one. “We oppose Capitalism just as much as you do. We are pro-environment and anti-Industrialism, just as much as you are. We are pro-abortion and pro-animal rights, just as you are. We oppose American Imperialism and this current vaguely-defined ‘war’ on people who are sick and tired of getting kicked around by the U.S. for two generations, just as much as you do. We’re more likely to burn that peppermint-striped rag than to wave it, at this point. In fact, we are just as interested in pulling all of the bricks out from under the establishment and undermining the status quo, as you are. The difference comes when we get to the point of deciding what it is that we’ll replace the current corrupt and degenerate system with, eh?”

For Roper’s talk of how much his group is on our side, we do not see it that way. If they did get their way, the “current corrupt and degenerate system” would be replaced with the same thing. When it comes down to it, they don’t oppose all those things Roper detailed, but rather the brand of those things that is accepted. While Roper says he is pro-abortion for example, it has been said in his circles that abortion for while females would be illegal in their perfect society. Capitalism and Industrialism would also still be practiced but in a more isolationist perspective. Being against American Imperialism would be commonplace for someone who abhors the multicultural society that America is and wants to build a whites-only homeland. And let us not get into where the Jews end up after all this. Simply because they place race and culture above everything, they set themselves apart from us, and the priority in the wrong place.

Roper feels otherwise, however. “You see, I’m a biological racist,” he wrote. “I believe that the way that human evolution works is that, as in the case of the Cro-Magnon and the Neanderthal, a species (any species, take your pick) begins to specialize within itself and differentiate based on climactic and other environmental adaptations.” He maintains that different cultures naturally compete for domination over the earth and the winner becomes a new de facto species. Sadly, if that is the case, he wants to continue to hold onto that culture that is dying, the one that tries to maintain a pure racial makeup in a world that is far from that. In the end, he will not be a part of that de facto species. The ones who take something positive from every culture and incorporate it into their own will be the ones to survive while the racialists will go the way of the dodo bird.

On November 10, 2001, Roper brought 60+ people to the Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC to protest Israel’s treatment of Palestinians, once again trying to take leftist positions and incorporating it into fascist agendas. This time, there was no crowbar incident, and Roper, wearing a purple heart ribbon on his lapel, emerged unscathed. There has been other rallies, one on Dec. 15 and another in York, Pa. on Jan 12. That last one was actually one of those public meetings at a local library put together by Matt Hale of the World Church of the Creator. Roper was supposed to speak at that event, but when the library reached capacity, he and Michael Cook, the local resident who brought Hale to York in the first place were kept out in the cold. Roper has continued his rallies over the past year, and has been slick in his approach. Using a pro-Palestinian angle to push their anti-Jewish agenda is one example of this, although that has not been met favorably among Palestinians. Another way is beefing up their ranks at rallies by promising a rock concert after the demo, which you will only get directions to if you attend the rally. That was how Roper brought out 250 hatemongers to the Israeli Embassy on May 11, 2002. Roper also led the rally on the steps of the US Capitol Building on August 24, 2002. A few weeks later however, a release came out from National Alliance saying he was no longer in the organization. Apparently we were steamed that he did not get the top spot after the founder of William Pierce went off to Hell on July 23, 2002 and rubbed everyone in NA the wrong way. He must also be pissed at us especially for our lampooning of the death of “…my leader…my boss….my friend” because we heard nothing from him over the past few weeks while others have, except for a rant directed at DLJ posted on the Resistance Records board. He went on to found his own little group called White Revolution, but no one really paid much attention to him until Keith Olbermann called him “Worst Person in the World” for June 16, 2010 after his stupid remarks that were published in the Kansas City Star. He is currently down with the Knights Party, a Klan outfit out of Harrison, Arkansas run by Pastor Thom Robb. We need to update this entry fully, so consider this article a placeholder until we canbe a little more detailed.

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