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The National Review magazine is a right-wing publication known for its homophobic and borderline racist pieces of work. Meet one of the prominent columnists of the National Review, John Derbyshire, a self-proclaimed homophobe, gay basher, xenophobe, and borderline racist himself who fits the agenda of the magazine. He writes on a wide range of issues of interest to conservatives, and he often gives voice to their inner thinking on these issues.

John Derbyshire lives on Long Island, New York. He was a British Citizen as of 1992, and attended University College, London to study mathematics. He arrived in the U.S. in 1985, and became a U.S. citizen just recently. Derbyshire has held “various positions on Wall Street”, but seems to actually spend most of his time doing free-lance writing. He says on his website that: “I have been doing freelance print journalism since 1983, though with a few dry years around 1990 when I was establishing a family and trying to make a career on Wall Street.”

In his writings, Derbyshire for some reason returns over and over again to something that seems to particularly haunt him, namely the very existence of gay males and “effeminate men”.

We’ve included links to his writings on these topics below, in which you can sense the particular and peculiar focus of his horror about homosexuality, namely that some people enjoy “being penetrated”, and his perception of the “degradation and humiliation” such penetration involves:

“Let us consider what is in people’s minds – – – when homosexuality is mentioned? Buggery, that’s what.” “More to the point – – – is a widespread revulsion, found in both genders, all times and all places and cultures, towards the man who plays the part of a woman.” “There is a fundamental human contempt towards a man who permits himself to be penetrated” “Even those penetrations consented to and not forced lower the status of the person so penetrated …The penetrator is engaging in an act of domination, desecration and humiliation of another …” “Women expect a certain amount of penetration as coming with the territory of femaleness … ” (J. Derbyshire, The Houston Review, April 25, 2001).

In 2003, “The Derb” has exploited this greater freedom on the internet by becoming increasingly hysterical in his online rantings against homosexuality (his hysteria appears to have been triggered by signfiicant legal advances gays have recently made in the U.S. and Canada). For an example of his hysteria, consider this posting in the thread on gay marriage on June 20, 2003 in “The Corner” on National Review Online:

“RE: GAYS [John Derbyshire] What a bunch of sniveling capitulationists! “Gay marriage is close to inevitable”–R. Ponnuru. “The war is effectively over”–J. Goldberg. This, from employees of a magazine whose founder declared that its mission would be to stand athwart History crying “STOP!”? This, in the context of dismantling and re-engineering what is probably–I’m not sure–Western culture’s oldest institution? This, when important and relevant issues cannot even be discussed for reasons of political correctness? (E.g.: What proportion of health-care costs in the U.S. go to treating diseases peculiar to male homosexuals?) Come on, guys. Stiffen the sinews! Summon up the blood! Disguise fair nature with hard-favored rage! Etc. etc. There’s a line to be held here. We are C-O-N-S-E-R-V-A-T-I-V-E-S. Remember Thermoplyae.”

As you can see, the Derb’s rage against homosexuality runs quite deep (is he feeling repressed desires going back to his British public school days, or what?). In any event, this guy has a real axe to grind, and he works hard to infect others with his hateful views. For more evidence of this, see the links in the Related Items section to examples of his teachings on homosexuality:

Given his position as a columnist for the National Review and the high frequency of his homophobic writings at NRO, The Derb has become one of the most visible and prominent gay-bashers in the U.S. His hateful gay bashing is not confined to merely homosexuals; Derbyshire’s bitter writings shows contempt against the sick and people of different races.

In this 2003 NRO column, the Derb describes AIDS as “a fashionable venereal disease”. AIDS is a disease that kills people of all races, genders, and sexual orientations, and can be spread through non-sexual means, yet the Derb’s homophopic side has no remorse in trashing the sick and dying.

Derbyshire holds much contempt against Asians as well. For someone who lived in China in the early 1980s and married a Chinese woman there and currently raising two children, his spiteful writings on China and Asian Americans is always trashing China and the Chinese (having a bad marriage, eh?).

In articles written on VDare, the racist, anti-immigration internet publication who’s goal is to rid America of anyone who is not white, the Derb takes shots on Asians, calling all Chinese immigrants sino-fascists and anti-American. Because he lived in China and married a Chinese woman, he thinks he is some authority on China. His National Review and VDare articles frequently bashes on China, describing China as a crazy, backwards nation. However, his paranoia has disillusioned himself so much he forgets about his own fallacious, backwards ideology and the human atrocities America, Britain, or any country in the world has committed. But if you are crazy and demented like Derbyshire and work for fascist publications, why bother get your facts straight?

His homophobic side also likes to trash on Asian males as being effeminate, since falling in love with Steve Sailer’s 1997 National Review article on interracial marriages, “Is Love Colorblind”, which trashes on Asian males and Black females. As a note, Derbyshire is an honorary member of Sailer’s Human Biodiversuty group, a eugenics thinktank dedicated to promoting scientific racism and eugenics research.

This is the sad epitome of the National Review, the homophobe, xenophobe, and racist – John Derbyshire. A world renowned gay basher getting crazier as his hateful writings consume himself deeper into his hatred and phobia, and spreading his bashing on other people as well.

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