NAME: Daniel Carver
DOB: 1948
HOME BASE: Flowery Branch, GA

We will start this entry by answering a few questions. No, this entry on Daniel Carver was not really necessary. No, he isn’t making any trouble for anyone, as far as we know anyway. Yes, he is rather irrelevant. Why is he here? Well, when we got Sirius a few years back, we were checking out Howard Stern. A promo for Carver was on the show, and he went on his thing about waking up white people or whatever. Have you ever had one of those days where a morbid curiosity sets in and you want to Google someone’s name just to see what shows up? Well, that’s what happened this time, and all this info shows up on him. We figured eh, what the hell? Every now and then, someone asks us what his deal is anyway, so now we can tell them.

Born in 1948, Daniel Carver has been trying to wake up white people for much of his life. He was very active in the eighties as a member of the Invisible Empire Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in Georgia, and was known for making a spectacle of himself and his group from time to time. He could cause a few disruptions as well. In 1985, his Klan group applied to participate in Commerce, Georgia’s Christmas parade. Their plan was to have a float that read “Merry Christmas from the Klan” As it always seems to be the case, instead of denying them outright the way other groups would have been without argument, the town officials said they were “forced” to allow them to participate because they met all the legal requirements. That generated talk of people planning to line the streets to throw rocks at the Klan float as it went by, and that prompted the mayor and the city council of cancel the parade rather than allow the Klan to participate. Carver’s response was that they were going to march anyway, but the police chief warned that they will be arrested if they did not have a permit to march, It is not known as we write this if such a march ever took place.

Carver had even more troubles the following year. In March of 1986, Carver and his Klan group launched a Klan recruiting drive in front of Madison County (GA) High School. That pissed a couple of parents off who filed a lawsuit claiming that the activity was causing a disruption and denying their children’s right to a public education. Later that year, Carver got into some trouble when the Klan held a march through a black neighborhood of Gainesville, Ga. He, along with his wife, child, and approximately ten other Kluxers went there to protest their disapproval of drug sales emanating from the area, and approximately two to three hundred black citizens came out to explain to him that coming to a black neighborhood in Klan gear may not be the best way to get your point across. The crowd gathered around Carver & Co. as they stood for several hours in front of a housing project, court records indicating that Carver noted how he was afraid that something was going to happen to them as they approached. Words were passed, among them Carver saying to one person, “Get back or I’ll shoot, I’ll shoot.” That escalated things more, and soon Carver found himself in cuffs for allegedly assaulting a black minister, and the “Get back or I’ll shoot, I’ll shoot” line earned him a terroristic threat charge as well. A temporary restraining order was issued immediately against any KKK demonstrations in town, but as soon as Carver got out of jail, the dumbass went right back and was busted again.

Carver spent the following month making appearances at a few courthouses. In tow was his lawyer Sam G. Dickson, who is best known these days from his activity with the Council of Conservative Citizens, and National Policy Institute (guess this entry had relevance after all). Dickson didn’t seem to help his client all that much. The lawsuit from the parents in Madison County was successful, the judge issuing a permanent restraining order against the Klan recruiting at the high school. The order banned them from picketing or distributing “inflammatory” literature within five hundred feet of Madison County High School, as well as North Madison Middle School. The order also kept the Klan from “impeding, stopping, approaching or entering” any school bus in the county, and from using “fighting language” in the presence of students traveling to or from school. The hearing for the assault and terroristic threat charges was a little better for Carver, but not by much. The court did not find probable cause for assault charges, but it did find probable cause for the charge of terroristic threats, raised Carver’s charge to that of terroristic threats, a felony; and bound over his case to the grand jury. He was eventually convicted of this.

Now Klansmen acting the fool in public is what it takes to have the media calling and soon Carver started showing up frequently on daytime talk shows like Donahue and Gerardo. On at least one Donahue show, he had to appear without his Klan robes on because of his terroristic threat conviction, so he wore a shirt with Martin Luther King, Jr. in crosshairs with the caption “Our Dream Came True”. After a while, Carver became someone for the audience to take pot shots at, and just a virtual laughing stock. Sometimes his family will appear on the show with him, and they would spout off all the inflammatory rhetoric Daniel was good for.

All this would explain what Howard Stern saw in him. Around the same time he was on all of those talk shows, Stern had him on as a guest. Eventually, that netted him the job of reviewing movies for Stern on his show. Every Thursday morning, Stern would give Carver a movie to see that week, most of them black films. He would then review the movie, paying absolutely no attention to the content or quality of the film but to the minorities in the movie, his rating system measured in burning crosses as opposed to stars. That turned him into a regular on Stern’s show as a member of Stern’s “Wack Pack”, a group of people that would be best described as freak shows and oddities that Stern likes to have on the show to poke fun at. In Carver’s case, Stern would ask him questions to see what he would say, and allow telephone callers to abuse Carver on the air.

Any serious aspirations in the ranks of the Klan must be dashed for Carver, but it doesn’t seem to be a problem for him. He seems to be enjoying himself being the butt of jokes courtesy of a half-Jewish shock jock and his Black sidekick. This entry was just something to pass the time away. It’s not like we expect him to load up a moving van with explosives or something. Still, it is good to note where the guy comes from, because he is still an asshole, regardless. He’s just a neutered one, thanks to Howard Stern.

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