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25248 LYON TER

Chantilly, VA 20152-6619 (Loudoun County)

What do these rogues in the One People’s Project Rogues’ Gallery have in common?

James O’Keefe
Michelle Malkin
Pat Buchanan
Ann Coulter
Dinesh D’Souza
Don Feder
Charlton Heston
David Horowitz
Roy Moore
Star Parker
Jesse Lee Peterson
Phyllis Schlafly
Walter Williams

They are all speakers whom Patrick Coyle and Young America’s Foundation endorse and help book speeches to high schools and colleges across America for profit. Patrick Coyle is a staff member of the conservative group, Young America’s Foundation (YAF), whose headquarters is based in Herndon, Virginia (near Washington D.C.). He is not one of those infamous right-wing speakers who talk their racist diatribe on the stage and spotlight. Rather, he is more or less the puppetmaster behind the stage set who pulls strings and helps these speakers build their career and spread their message.

We really should note something here: Being politically conservative does not merit a rogue profile (although some of us may look at you funny). However, when someone harbors other rogues who spread the message of hatred and racism, and tries to shove their racist ideology to millions of Americans across the country, he is guilty as each of the speakers they harbor and represent. Another thing to note: There are two “YAFs” that are conservative organization, and it sometimes gets confusing. There’s this one, and the “Young Americans for Freedom”, which was an organization founded by William F. Buckley back in the sixties.

Patrick Coyle was born in 1973, and graduated from Penn State University in 1996 in Political Science. During his stay at Penn State, he became head of Penn State YAF and created quite a ruckus, introducing controversial speakers such as Walter Williams, G. Gordan Liddy, Charlton Heston, and more right-wingers. Seeing the opportunity to profit off of these speakers, Pat then joined the national “non-profit (aka tax-evaders)” YAF organization after graduation to continue his career.

Since joining the YAF staff in 1996, he became head of the YAF speaker series and has actively sought to divert public funds and tuition money to these speakers. With the help of Pat and the YAF speaker program, millions of students across America must put up with racist diatribe on their school grounds and campuses, such as:

  • Pat Buchanan’s bashing of anyone who’s not white or Christian, bashing homosexuals, defending Nazi war criminals,…
  • Ann Coutler’s linking all Muslims to terrorist groups, defending slavery and the Confederate flag, …
  • David Horowitz’s attack on equal rights for women, blaming Blacks for America’s slavery era,…
  • Star Parker’s (who is black herself) staged speech blaming blacks for everything,…
  • Jesse Lee Peterson, another black sellout, attacking every black celebrity, politician, and civil rights group…
  • Dinesh D’souza’s criticism against blacks for slavery and poverty (notice a trend here? Why are black people the cause of every problem to these idiots?!)…

The YAF speaker series is not limited to who we profile or will profile here, as there are many more right-wing fanatics Pat has booked, some we will get to one day, such as:

  • James O’Keefe, the fraudulent criminal reporter who produced falsified videos with Hannah Giles to falsely portray the now defunct agency ACORN as a promoter of prostitution. James O’Keefe was sued by former ACORN employees. He was also arrested and convicted of illegal wiretapping of a U.S. senator in 2010.
  • G, Gordon Liddy, the infamous Watergate felon and former prison inmate.
  • Oliver North, the Iran Contra felon who secretly sold arms to a country America was at war against in the 1980’s and lied to the U.S. government and people while under oath.
  • Ward Connerly, the Republican politician who has fought tooth and nail to exclude Blacks and Hispanics from the California public schools. Although he is half-black, he and other right-wingers parade his African side around to play a race game and carry out his agenda, when he has almost no support or representation from the black community.
  • Angela Bay Buchanan, Pat Buchanan’s sister, who spreads her racist diatribe in a simile manner and draws controversy and protests.
  • And much more, many whom are on the backlog for a rogue profile, and some already convicted felons and rogues as mentioned.

Most of these fanatical right-wing speakers are so off-the-wall that their appearance have set off major protests on college campuses. Among the more controversial speakers who have drawn louder protests are Pat Buchanan, Ann Coulter, Ward Connerly, and Dinesh D’souza. DLJ attended appearances featuring Connerly at Ohio State and Coulter in Earlham College in Indiana. Both saw protests and the speakers were met in the auditorium by an audience that was decidedly against them.

Perhaps the most hypocritical part of the YAF speaker series is their active pursuit for profit by booking these speakers to the widest dissemination across the country. The words, “Young America’s Foundation is a 501(C)(3) educational organization. Contributions to the Foundation are eligible for a tax deduction.”, appear on the description of their organization, so they can avoid paying taxes and give tax breaks to its donors. However, the active pursuit of profit in the form of speaker honorariums and marketing their junk like books suggests otherwise. Pat continuously gains power and rank in YAF, becoming a vice president around 2010 and making the list of highest paid YAF staffers in 2013. The YAF IRS 990 form for 2013 shows his salary increased to around $150,000 for his relentless work recruiting little YAFers and spreading his hatred and diatribe.


Patty and Natty. Wifey’s name is Nathalie Coyle, who is a foreign language teacher at Fairfax High School.

Whichever speaker offends you, keep in mind Pat is the one working diligently to divert your tuition and public tax money toward the radical, racist, right-wing club and spread their diatribe. It should be noted that he doesn’t care too much for us letting you know this. Back in 2004, an article appeared in Time Magazine, written by the same guy who the following year will write a glowing Time cover story on Ann Coulter, where a pot shot was taken at us for publishing Patty’s personal information. In fact, he likes to take note of this a lot. If you go to his bio on the YAF website, it is noted that “His success has made him a target of a radical leftist website that has published his home address and phone number in an attempt to stop his conservative activism,” which is also how he has been introduced at speaking engagements, and in the lead-in article to an interview for David Horowitz’s Frontpage Mag where he mentions us by name.

Well, Patty wanted a fight, didn’t he?



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