NAME: Samuel Jared Taylor
HOME BASE: 2705 Green Holly Springs Ct. Oakton, VA 22124
DOB: 1951

Jared TaylorJared Taylor is a suit-and-tie racist known for being the editor of the white nationalist publication American Renaissance, which holds an annual conference known as “AmRen.” He’s considered a central figure in “Alt-Right” philosophy. Taylor has authored many books serving up racism in elaborate academic language, such as Paved with Good Intentions, in which he suggests forced sterilization for poor black women would be a great idea, among other things. Needless to say, we think Taylor is a top shelf asshole who looks like a college professor.

Taylor’s worldview is pretty clear in the remarks he made to those that attended the 2008 American Renaissance Conference:

“If white people are to survive, they have to stop to stop paying lip service to this notion of equal outcomes. We have to be able to say to other groups, ‘We wish you well, but you will have to seek your destiny in your own places. You will have to fashion your future in your own hands.’ In that process of course, we will be denying to them the benefits of the societies our ancestors built. However, our ancestors built them for us, and we only hold them in trust for succeeding generations, and our societies are not ours to give away to strangers.”

But white people did not build these societies on their own, unfortunately for Taylor, try as he might to deny it. And as Taylor feels that people like him should have the ability to expel those for whom he doesn’t share the same color skin, he is finding others are using that ability to expel him instead. And he doesn’t like it, not one bit.

The Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC) is home to those fascists that want to put the face of academics on their hate. It helps them to walk among those who either do not detect how Nazi-like they are, or do and want to sneak them into the mainstream. Jared Taylor is one of the CCC’s board members, but he is better known as the editor of American Renaissance (AR), a newsletter published by the group he heads, the New Century Foundation. Positioning this organization via AR as an unofficial “think tank” (we use the term loosely here) for the CCC, Taylor has waged war on anything that is not white, viewing it all as a threat to the American culture he knew and loved, painting multiculturalism as an attack on European culture.

Taylor is often referred to as a genteel kind of racist, but his flowery language doesn’t mask what he is about. Although he usually themes his opinions and those of the contributors to AR as part of a frank discussion on race, it is nothing more than the pure anti-black, anti-Latino, anti-LGBTQ propaganda that we have grown accustomed to. It’s the same that has been coming from hatemongers for generations. American Renaissance has ridiculed and demeaned people of color in some of the most vicious ways. Taylor has penned an article for example claiming that the 1996 spate of black church burnings across the South was not worth the attention given to it. “The police will probably pick up at least one half-wit white with a Klan pamphlet in his pocket,” he wrote. “This man will be made to wish he had never been born and will go to jail for longer than most murderers do. And America will get ready for the next round of national race hysteria.”

Taylor was closer to the truth than he let on.

On June 17, 2015, nine years after those remarks from Taylor, a half-wit White by the name of Dylann Roof murdered nine members of Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Caroline, a historically black church. The killing was a hateful, racist, terrorist attack, and was apparently initially motivated and radicalized with help from the CCC, where Taylor was a board member. Roof wrote it in his own manifesto:

“The first website I came to was the Council of Conservative Citizens. There were pages upon pages of these brutal black on White murders. I was in disbelief. At this moment I realized that something was very wrong.” -Dylann Roof, killer of nine members of a black church

So Taylor is connected to the brutal killing of nine people at the hands of the racist terrorist Dylann Roof. Taylor made his dismissive remarks about “at least one half-wit,” with a “Klan pamphlet” before Roof’s attack, but takes no accountability for how an organization that he is central to has led to nine people dead. The tone of Taylor’s remarks and his blatant disrespect for human life show how much of a scumbag he truly is.

Now the irony is not lost on us that this man who rails against multiculturalism and diversity is a product of that multiculturalism and diversity he hates so much. Taylor was born in Japan to liberal missionary parents who to this day still can’t figure out what the hell he is doing now. He attended Japanese public schools until age sixteen and is fluent in the language. He is also a fan of the blues, notably Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee, Sonny-boy Williamson, and Paul Butterfield. “I have always greatly enjoyed B.B. King, but was not happy to learn that he has 15 children by 15 different women,” he once said. If the irony of his appreciation for the blues isn’t enough, at some American Renaissance conferences (we will get to them in a minute), he participated in some big band performances where he is playing blues harmonica!

Maybe that’s not as ironic as it seems, actually. The blues grew out of the despair created by the racism people like Taylor wants to bring back. Why should we be surprised that a white racist likes it when black people sing the blues? But we digress.

Taylor graduated from Yale with BA in Philosophy in 1973. He then traveled to French West Africa, then to Paris, where he picked up French (that’s three languages spoken by this supposed enemy of multiculturalism). He attended the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris, receiving an MA in International Economics in 1978. He later worked in international finance, and was for a short time an editor for PC Magazine. Currently his resume states that he is a consultant to American businesses doing business in Japan, which he apparently has been doing since 1982. It was in 1990 when he decided to bring the stupid. That’s when he published his first edition of American Renaissance, which is self-termed as “America’s premiere publication of racial-realist thought.” For the record, “racial-realism” is a BS term used so conservatives can avoid admitting to racism on their part.

A promotional flyer that AR once put out noted several points of this so-called “racial-realism”:

“In the 1960s during the “civil rights era” Americans tried to build a nation in which race would no longer matter and people of all backgrounds would live together in harmony. It is now clear that the assumptions of the civil rights movement were wrong.”

Well, that’s news to us! But let’s see what this flyer said were the reasons. There was this gem:

“It is also clear that people of different races have, on average, different levels of intelligence. Affirmative action and remedial education cannot make us all the same.”

Clear, eh? We could get into what the word “clear” means to these jackasses, but let’s just move on.

The AR flyer states that “New policies must recognize the importance of race and racial identity.” For Taylor and those who contribute to AR, that means stopping “massive non-white immigration” or else “whites will be come a minority in the United States. This would transform our nation and sweep away our way of life. We must not let that happen.” As for those non-whites who aren’t immigrants, Taylor just calls them all an impoverished criminal class, and to him that means whites can do whatever they want to do to them if they so choose. This is where Taylor really gets depraved.

Now Taylor likes to position himself as a casual observer. He pretends that he simply draws conclusions based on those observations that the preservation of the white race above all others is the key to this society’s survival. Normally he doesn’t try to suggest any remedies or solutions — a little way to create some plausible deniability should something happen concerning his politics that goes horribly wrong. Unfortunately for him he wrote a book on race relations in 1993 called Paved with Good Intentions that alluded to a few such solutions. Although Taylor is pretty much known by this book, it failed miserably, and the fact that his conclusions were pure bunk might have been a contributing factor. There were the usual caveats that come out whenever there is a racial issue that conservatives need to resolve: abandon schools in non white districts as “failing schools,” crack down on crime, etc. However, Taylor puts forward another idea: Mandatory abortions and forced sterilizations! He proposes this by saying “people” are starting to make rumblings about such a idea, and to qualify himself, he suggests “Ghetto grandmothers who find themselves saddled with their crack-addicted daughters’ unwanted babies talk openly of sterilization.”

Indeed, a 1990 article in The New York Times on grandmothers raising their grandchildren that is cited as a footnote does mention that some of the grandmothers interviewed have made such suggestions, and no doubt it has been the subject of jokes. But Taylor goes overboard with it and suggests that this violation of civil liberties could be a policy that should apply to indigent mothers overall.

Disregarding the rights of children themselves to exist, Taylor jumps headlong into a doublespeak argument that falsely assumes the “self-sufficient” are putting themselves out by caring for children. “It is all very well to talk about reproductive rights, but rights are not unilateral,” he writes in support of what he called “reproductive responsibility.” “If the indigent have an absolute, inalienable right to produce children they cannot support,” he writes, “then do not the self-sufficient have the reciprocal right to let the indigent fend for themselves? Or must the self-sufficient be forced to support them? Who should have more rights — people on the dole or the people who support them?”

Now these arguments were all the rage among conservatives in the early 1990s when welfare recipients were painted by them the great evil foisted upon mankind. And of course they would tell you racism didn’t play a role. But Taylor not only attacked schools in the inner cities as failures, but social programs like Head Start, job training, enterprise zones and workfare — that last one being a particularly celebrated way devised to get people off welfare and into meaningful work! To Taylor, these were all “distractions” and the focus should be on all those babies being born to people on welfare.

Taylor was able to gin up a little notoriety with the June 1999 report that his New Century Foundation came up with called The Color of Crime. The report suggested that Black Americans and Latinos are responsible for 90 percent of interracial violent crimes and twice as likely than whites to commit hate crimes (which usually means black on white crime to folks like him).

This tract is what he used to further promote another staple on the American Renaissance hate menu: eugenics.

Taylor believes the notion that intelligence is based on one’s race, and that African Americans are at the low end of intelligence. Because of this he supports measures like racial profiling. “It is a great disappointment to me,” he said, “than when police officers are confronted with this question of profiling, instead of saying, ‘Well, yes. Of course we engage in racial profiling and here’s why,’ instead they say, ‘Oh, no, no. We don’t do that. We never do that.’ Well, they would be fools not to do it. I believe that every police department does do it, and they should do it now.”

Here’s the problem: his report did not concentrate on any other factor other than race. This is a practice known as selection bias, and that is a major no-no in fact gathering and academic research overall. Taylor’s sources from the National Crime Victimization Survey were only 16 percent of the crimes committed in 1994, from which he bases his “findings.” Now, if he had looked at the rest of the survey he would have found that percent of white violent crime victims were attacked by whites, and 80 percent of black victims were targeted by blacks. In other words, interracial crime is nowhere near as much a problem as are crimes in which both parties are the same race.

The Color of Crime is nothing more than a propaganda rag — one that white supremacists and other assorted rightists have taken to use as a source of information — only to have it shoved down their throats when the real facts come out. Mainstream hatemonger David Horowitz, who is currently pushing hate campaigns against Muslims, once made The Color of Crime available for download from his website, You can also find articles on that website from American Renaissance, and contributors from the newsletter such as Lawrence Auster. Horowitz shows himself to be the fool he is in supporting Taylor by saying is rather a “racialist” (like “race-realist”, the latest in those BS terms) and “is no more “racist” in this sense than any university Afro-centrist or virtually any black pundit of the left.” Horowitz says this on the same website where he routinely calls university Afro-centrists and black pundits of the left racists and makes demands for them to be routed. Taylor however, is considered “an intelligent and principled man” and gets a pass that Horowitz would never give a black person, even though Horowitz expressed misgivings about his pro-white stances.

Because you have some mainstream conservatives who fawn over him, Taylor has been able to place himself in the mainstream spotlight every so often. In 2003, Phil Donahue had invited him to appear on two episodes of his revamped but short-lived talk show. Taylor also started appearing on other programs such as rapper/actor Queen Latifah’s talk show (trying to defend racial profiling to her, a black woman who happened to be the sister of a police officer,) and Paula Zahn’s CNN program on race and politics. Unfortunately for Taylor, that meant he could no longer fly under the radar has he had for so many years. He learned that the hard way when Pittsburgh Post-Gazette columnist Dennis Roddy outed him in 2005 on a call-in radio program where the topic was Martin Luther King Jr.:

“On Martin Luther King Jr. Day last week, when much of the nation took a holiday, “race-relations expert” Jared Taylor was hard at work. He began at 6:45 a.m. with an interview with a Columbus radio station. At 7:05 he was on the air in Orlando. An hour later his voice greeted morning commuters in Huntingdon, W.Va.

At 10:10 a.m., he was introduced no fewer than four times as “race relations expert Jared Taylor” on Fred Honsberger’s call-in show on the Pittsburgh Cable News Channel. Four hours later, he was back on the air with Honsberger on KDKA radio, where he repeated the message he’d been thumping all day: Martin Luther King Jr. was a philanderer, a plagiarist and a drinker who left a legacy of division and resentment, and was unworthy of a national holiday.

What Taylor did not say, and what Honsberger didn’t seem to know until I picked up the phone and called in myself, was that Jared Taylor believes black people are genetically predisposed to lower IQs that whites, are sexually promiscuous because of hyperactive sex drives. Race-relations expert Jared Taylor keeps company with a collection of racists, racial “separatists” and far-right extremists.”

In fact, a little quirk about Taylor is that what he says and how he says it depends on the audience he is addressing. Of course, that’s a general practice among many public figures, but the one glaring omission on Taylor’s part whenever you see him on CNN or interviewed on a radio program unless the host mentions it – at which point Taylor glosses over the subject – is Taylor’s love for eugenics. As alluded to before, Taylor likes to promote the notion that intelligence is based on skin color, and cites well-known eugenicists such as Arthur Jensen and Phillipe Rushton as sources and friends. “We do the country no favors by insisting that blacks are just as smart and hard-working as whites but are held back only by wicked whites,” he said recently. “That only encourages blacks to hate whites, and many don’t need encouragement.”

This only got better as he went along. “Let’s treat blacks like adults, not children,” he later said. “So long as they have some assurance they can rise to the level their individual talents permit, there will not be riots when it becomes widely accepted that a group average IQ of 85 will not produce the same group outcome as an average IQ of 100. When that day comes, we will do away with this ghastly, bloated, futile national campaign to ‘close the gaps.’ The country will get back to the business of improving everyone’s performance.”

Again, this doesn’t come up a lot when he is talking to a mainstream audience (and given how Taylor hung up on Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks when he blasted him on these and other points he made during an interview, you can see why), but even when he is giving an interview to his core audience, as was the case here he is trying to play genteel racist. How nice it was for him to suggest that they should be nice to black people, so they won’t hate them as much when they get marginalized based on some false notion that race determines IQ. By the way, this interview was conducted in 2010 by his friend John Derbyshire of National Review. In 2006 the two of them appeared in a panel discussion organized by paleoconservative and friend Marcus Epstein titled “Race and Conservatism” in Arlington, VA, where with the possible exception of black conservative Kevin Martin those who attended that have been identified were either noted white supremacists, sympathizers, your random reporter or some members of One People’s Project. It didn’t get much press at the time, with the exception of the lead up alerts we were giving the event. But in 2010 it made up for lost time because it was learned that one of the attendees was James O’Keefe, the right-wing propagandist that dressed as a pimp and videotaped workers for the group ACORN seeming suggesting (later disproved) how to circumvent the law. He would later deny that he helped organize the event as reported, but that was through his handler and fellow conservative propagandist Andrew Breitbart. O’Keefe has yet to personally comment on this event and his involvement, and with the exception of a few that were already identified and despite the buzz that was generated online about O’Keefe’s attendance, virtually no one has stepped forward to say they were there.

And that brings us to the “AmRen” conferences. Since 1994, American Renaissance has been sponsoring biannual conferences, mostly in the Washington DC area, that have brought out members of the National Alliance, Ku Klux Klan, and prominent white supremacists like David Duke. Stormfront routinely promotes the conferences and has a particular contingent of its posters out each conference. They look upon Taylor as a strong White Nationalist and a valuable asset, but there is one thing that keeps being a source of contention about him and a source of strong debate among the country’s haters. Taylor embraces people of Jewish faith. American Renaissance has featured within its pages and as speakers at the conferences Jewish writers like Don Feder and City College professor Michael Levin, who shares Taylor’s beliefs in eugenics.

It is those kind of associations that bother Taylor’s fellow racists (that’s racists, Horowitz). After his appearance on the radio show of incarcerated white supremacist Hal Turner on July 23, 2002 an article taking a shot at him appeared on the website of the racist Vanguard News Network. “About 45 minutes into the first hour Hal Turner brought up the subject of the Jews and their control of the Mass Media, which Mr. Taylor did his Ivy-league best to play down and circumnavigate, the author Kevin Hannan wrote.”I was able to speak with Mr. Taylor around 40 minutes into the second hour and spoke with him for about ten minutes. It was during those ten minutes he most revealed his true intentions and who he is working for.” The folks on the Stormfront discussion board went nuts on Taylor after this, and one of the moderators had to pull the thread because it violated their rules against slamming one of their own. It’s pretty ironic that the day this show aired was the day National Alliance founder William Pierce died!

But Taylor gets it from both sides. Those of the Jewish faith are not too fond of the neo-Nazis that show up at the conferences. One of the more infamous incidents took place at the 2006 conference while Islamophopic French nationalist Guillaume Faye was speaking on how Islam was posing a threat to the West. David Duke was in the audience and during the Q & A, he suggested that Faye should add at least one more religion to the enemies list. “I praised his stirring speech, and asked as politely as I could, that in regard to the old Islamic invasions of hundreds of years ago, another middle eastern group in Western society worked to undermine our defenses,” Duke wrote later. “That historic fact shows them to have opened the gates at both Constantinople and at Grenada to the invaders, and that they have been the primary force that has opened the immigration gates of the West in the last 50 years. I asked him what suggestions he had in dealing with the internal part of our problem, the subversion of our means and our will?”

Duke was playing coy, but college professor and racial separatist Michael H. Hart, who is normally okay with bigotry when it is not his Jewish faith being attacked, was pissed. He walked out of the conference, but not before saying to Duke, “You fucking Nazi, you’ve disgraced this meeting!” In February 2009, Hart organized a conference in Baltimore titled Preserving Western Civilization which was modeled after the AmRen conference with an effort to be Nazi-free. Only 70 persons attended.

Another contention has only recently been creeping to the surface: the fact that there are very few women going to these events and very few speak there. In the Derbyshire article, Taylor says that this is simply not their fault. “Five years ago we invited (actress turned fascist) Brigitte Bardot, who has been active in the movement to limit Muslim immigration to France,” he said. “We have also invited Anke Vandermeersch, a prominent Flemish nationalist and former Miss Belgium, but both ladies, alas, sent their regrets.” But it is a glaring omission that has been made apparent not by any of his detractors, but rather his supporters, male and female.

Regardless of these particular contentions, the main draw of the AmRen conferences is much like the conferences held by the Council of Conservative Citizens, it brings full on neo-Nazis together with your more mainstream conservative, people who have the influence to get certain ideas into the public sphere, no matter how bad they are. Taylor, after all, is the kind of guy who could stand behind commentator Pat Buchanan as he announced his bid for President in 2000. And the first few AmRen conferences, and for that matter the press conference announcing Taylor’s Color of Crime “study”, were once broadcast on C-SPAN. But all good things must come to an end, and for white supremacists, that end comes when people start paying attention to the things being said and done.

The bottom started to fall out during the height of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, when Sen. Trent Lott and Rep. Bob Barr were being called on their hypocrisy as they handled the affair given that they spoke at the 1998 Council of Conservative Citizens conference. When that happened that put the CCC in the spotlight and CSPAN started to question their involvement with not just them but the closely-associated AmRen as well. By 2000, CSPAN started to keep their distance, and the AmRen conference saw one of their first protests outside their venue, the Sheraton in Reston, VA. It wasn’t until 2006 when AmRen saw protests again, and that brought the press out. Besides the Michael Hart/David Duke dustup, another thing of note took place at this conference. A person the Washington Post interviewed there was an attendee from Upstate New York named Michael Regan. When he went home and back to work as a prosecutor, he found a pink slip. His employers were not too keen on one of their people attending a white supremacist conference. Taylor saw the handwriting on the wall, and in 2008, the conference that was once broadcast on CSPAN banned all press with the exception of some photographers who were instructed to photograph only the speakers. This is the only conference that you cannot currently find on YouTube. Taylor only makes it available for purchase on DVD.

So it is not as if those familiar with Taylor are wavering on what he is about and how they feel about him. And for some, they pretty much made up their minds what to do about it. In 2007, antifa in Halifax, Nova Scotia had their turn at him, and it was more than just calling him out on a radio show. It was physically removing him from a hotel. Taylor was originally invited to participate in a discussion on racial diversity at Halifax’s Dalhousie University that also included David Devine, a black scholar at the school. The problem: It was being held on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and folks didn’t think it was a good day to ponder the musings of a white supremacist. Devine backed out of that debate, but Taylor showed up anyway. When he got there, he learned he was dropped from the program, but decided since he was there he will speak to his supporters in a meeting room at the Lord Nelson Hotel in Halifax the following evening. That was a mistake. Anti-racist activists were there too, and it was bedlam. Dozens of them bangs on noisemakers and chanted . “Leave! Leave! The message is clear!” anti-racist activists yelled at Mr. Taylor. “Get out! Get out! Exit the building!” they said. Taylor tried to mock them, noting the obscenities being thrown at him as “such charming language,” and noted “You can shout all you want, but the police will be here and they will maintain the peace.”

The police didn’t get there fast enough, however. Things got physical, and while no one was seriously injured, Taylor was grabbed by antifa and ushered out of the room. By the time police got there, most of them had already left, taking Taylor’s ego with them. “I was shocked,” Taylor said during a news interview. “I was never treated that way before in my life. I’ve made dozens of public presentations (and I’ve) never been treated that way.” He returned to Halifax two months later to debate St. Mary’s University professor Peter March, who felt he needed to debate Taylor in the name of free speech, just as he felt disrespecting the Muslim faith by posting a picture of the prophet Muhammad on his office door served the same purpose. St. Mary’s disallowed the debate to take place on campus however, and they ended up having it in another location.

In 2010, people really had enough of this crap. The 2006 and 2008 protests against the AmRen conferences stemmed from the fact that they were being held in Herndon, VA where there were local anti-immigration groups mounting campaigns against a local day labor center, ginning up controversy around it. AmRen served as an outlet for the more vitriolic and racist voices on that issue, so folks took particular issue with a conference bringing white supremacists from all over the world into this kind of climate, especially given the mainstream cross pollination they were known for. In 2010 it was worse. That year the conference was to be held the same weekend as the Conservative Political Action Conference, which brings out every right-winger in the country of note and their fans – and cross pollination was not only expected, it was inevitable. That set a lot of people off, being this the first AmRen conference since Barack Obama became president, so more people started to voice their concerns to the venue that the conference was to be held. The outrage became more and more intense and soon something happened that never happened before. The original hotel chose not to allow the conference to be held there. Jared Taylor rebounded however and simply moved it to another hotel. The outrage followed him there, and that hotel kicked the conference out as well. Now Taylor was pissed. He found a third hotel but this time the plan was to keep the venue on the down low until two days before the event to discourage protests. No dice. Folks found out a week before the conference was to be held, contacted the venue to let them know what kind of event they were holding, and that hotel also bowed out. Taylor at first threw in the towel and canceled the conference after this, but then one more hotel, this time not only in Washington, DC proper, but five blocks away from the US Capitol said the conference can be held there, and they would not be discouraged by protests. Elated, Taylor announced the conference was back on, but then that hotel bowed out too. That’s when Taylor announced the conference was kaput, and the only thing he was able to do was gather the men that came out anyway and head over to a family restaurant for a meeting that Saturday. It was the best they could do in the end. This was the first time AmRen was ever shut down, and Taylor tried to save face by saying death threats to the hotel prompted the cancellation. Taylor is the only source of this information, however. The hotel in question, the Four Points Sheraton in Manassas, VA — which two months later hosted a Christian Identity conference during the Easter weekend for the second year in a row – has not spoken on the matter.

Jared Taylor refuses to allow anyone to deter him from promoting hatred of people who aren’t white, however. Still, he knows now that the DC community is all that keen on it, so in February 2011, he tried  to hold his conference in Charlotte, NC. He was  hoping that the problems he faced in 2010 were not going to follow him to the South, but it was actually worse than the trouncing he got in DC. This time city officials reportedly got involved and notified local venues. The end result was the hotel that Taylor thought he was going to keep under wraps until he was good and ready, kicked him to the curb and other hotels shut their doors to him. Meanwhile, the local media was reporting on him day after day, especially after he held a press conference at City Hall. In the end the only AmRen-related event that happened on the weekend the conference was to take place was a victory celebration and forum by the community! Worse, AmRen canceled the conference the same day it was announced that the Democratic National Convention was going to be held in Charlotte in 2012!  As of this date of this posting, Taylor has been holding AmRen conferences at the Montgomery Bell Park Inn, in Dickson, TN which is just outside Nashville. This, however has sparked opposition in those parts as well, sparking the foundation of the Tennessee Anti-Racist Network, and they not only protest AmRen, but other hate events as well. It remains to be seen if They can encourage Taylor to go elsewhere or shut the whole thing down.

But Taylor is still trolling Washington and can be seen at events like the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), an annual right-wing comic con of scum and villainy that attempts to see just what kind of hatemongering they can get away with. In 2014, Taylor was the featured speaker at a side event at CPAC sponsored by the white supremacist National Policy Institute, who’s co-founder William Regnery II, is an heir to CPAC sponsor Regnery Publishing. He rarely publishes articles on a weekend, but after CPAC he was otherwise inspired to write a commentary on the whole affair saying it wasn’t right wing enough with the repeated efforts from some of the assembled to bring people of color into their conservative ideals. There was one exception for him, however – conservative trash talker Ann Coulter. She participated in a debate on immigration where she cried about the possibility of an amnesty program for undocumented workers, and the damage it will do to lily-white America. He particularly noted this quote from her:

“Amnesty is for ever, and you gotta vote for the Republicans one more time, but just make it clear, “If you pass amnesty, that’s it. It’s over.” Then we organize the death squads for the people who wrecked America.”

Now Ann Coulter is Ann Coulter. When she says things like that, you know she’s trying to get people to talk about her. She knows that “death squads” wouldn’t get off their compound long enough to go after anyone she considers wrecked America without those same people putting them down just as quickly. Taylor, on the other hand…His rant became very, very VERY bizarre, First he declared her “the one real man out of hundreds of speakers” at CPAC, as well as “a lonely—but well applauded—voice.” Then he advanced his usual argument about how it is the color of one’s skin and not one believes that makes the difference in his mind:

“Why is it that countries that follow CPAC’s principles are miserable and getting worse, while countries that violate them are doing well and getting better? Doesn’t that utterly refute “conservative” politics? For anyone who officially agrees that race doesn’t matter, there is no way out of that box. The left could get a lot of mileage out of rubbing Republican noses in the difference between Haiti and Denmark, because today’s Republicans have neither the brains nor the backbone for the obvious reply: White people build nice places to live, and black people don’t.”

We should remind folks that Ann Coulter has defended the Council of Conservative Citizens in her book Guilty, so Taylor falling in love with her, isn’t much of a stretch. The truth of the matter, however, is people are starting to get wise to Taylor and what he promotes. Wherever he goes, be it the DC area, Charlotte, NC or the deepest, darkest cave in Appalachia, he is going to learn the hard way that this society will not tolerate it. If he is such a fan of the blues, it does not bother us one bit that folks are working to give him something to sing the blues about.

These come from YouTube, so if they end up getting removed, let us know.

Taylor on the Paula Zahn Show, Dec.16, 2002


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