NAME: Craig Paul Cobb
HOME BASE: New: Sherwood, ND
Old: Old: Craig Cobb RR 2, Box 103 Marlinton, West Virginia 24954  Telephone: 304-799-2223 and Leith, ND
DOB: October 9, 1951

We like the fact that Aryan Nations founder Dick Butler and National Alliance founder William Pierce are dead and that Creativity Movement leader Matt Hale is out of commission, languishing in federal prison for the next 40 years. These were WPs who at the very least had some sort of academic integrity, even if their moral integrity was in the crapper. Now that they are gone, however, WPs needed something to fill the void, and that has been a little hard to do. No, strike that – VERY hard to do! We didn’t know how much we could appreciate Butler, Pierce and Hale out of the picture until we witnessed what misfits were taking the top spots over the past year. None of them, unlike Pierce and Butler, were even around during the days of segregation, all of them are so incredibly screwed in the head that even other WPs do their best to stay away from them, and none of them are expected to last long. Now if the current leaders are second, third – no that’s being too generous – 400th rate, then you can imagine how laughable the also-rans have to be.

That brings us to Craig Cobb, a net Nazi who is the guy who got a lot of notoriety with his attempt to turn the small town of Leith, North Dakota into a whites-only community. In 2012 he moved to the small town with a population of 19 – all but one of them white – after he purchased properties there. Within a few months his intentions spread like wildfire in the media, which meant that people in town and in the surrounding areas began working to oppose his efforts while other white supremacists began making plans to relocate there. Regardless of his efforts, the idea of a white enclave is still a pipe dream. Even neo-Nazi veteran Tom Metzger, who is among those that Cobb sold properties to, is not all that optimistic and will not move to Leith. “I wouldn’t go into a town pushing my weight around,” he said.

Cobb should have learned that by now. He’s good for trying to screw with people and more often than not they screw with him back. It’s pretty much the story with this guy.  Originally from Hawaii, he moved to Marlinton, West Virginia sometime in 2003 (we know at one time he was driving a gray Mercedes with Hawaii tags). Even though he is was involved heavily with the WCOTC, he wanted to be close to the National Alliance as well, and Marlton is just north of Hillsboro, where the National Alliance is based. He was close with Rich Lindstrom who bolted National Alliance to help form National Vanguard, but we don’t know at this time if they are still tight. He did leave West Virginia for Missouri for a spell, but apparently he went back to Marlton. We know he owned a small grocery store in 2003, and in October, 2004 a business was registered in his name in Marlton called Gray’s Store, Aryan Autographs and 14 Words, L.L.C. According to some information found around the internet, he made neo-Nazi literature available in his store, and in 2004 he was one of those few morons that distributed Panzerfaust’s Project Schoolyard CD, which was an attempt by that neo-Nazi record label to recruit schoolkids through music. Of course that all stopped after Panzerfaust fell apart  the white power record label’s owner Anthony Pierpont was busted on drug charges then busted again with the confirmation that he was actually Mexican.

Cobb did other kinds of local activism, including leafleting at local public events advocating the boycott of a local school Christmas production. All of this made him no more than a local oddity than anything else. In fact, “oddity” is the best way to describe him. Completely obsessed with being online, when once attending a Klan rally in Arkansas, He was more concerned with taking pictures and recording things for his website than anything. In fact, he reportedly barricaded himself in the computer room of two members of the now defunct hate group White Revolution for something like two days, drinking coffee grounds mixed with water and claiming he was uploading videos. Other oddities are the facts that he is known to carry around genuine silver coins in case the banks crash because he says that if that happens the coins will be real money, how he slaps himself for excersise and how he won’t wear socks and he’s paranoid that his feet stink. Why we have that bit of info we don’t know, but we ask for any and all information on these guys to give back to the public, so screw it.

And yes, as is often the case, he has his problems with others in the WP scene. He used to post regularly on Stormfront under the name “No 1965 Chain Immigrants” until he was banned for some reason (he’s back there under his real name). And it is curious that his nickname is “Krusty” Yes, as in Krusty the Clown from the Simpsons. His comrades nicknamed him that because to be honest, he looks like him, but the fact that Krusty is Jewish – and a clown – is not lost on us.

Apparently Cobb also had problems with the feds. He has been under investigation by federal law-enforcement for quite sometime because when Judge Joan Lefkow ruled against Matt Hale in the trademark case with the Oregon-based TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation, Cobb, concluding that the Judge was either Jewish or married to someone Jewish, decided to post her personal information on message boards throughout cyberspace. Later Hale was convicted for soliciting Lefkow’s murder and is currently serving forty years in a maximum security prison, something Cobb didn’t take too well. According to Nicole Nichols, when Joan Lefkow’s mother and husband were both killed in their Chicago home, Cobb continued to provide the racist right with information and “suggestions.” Not long after someone, shot and killed Lefkow’s mother and husband in their home. Although it was believed that white supremacists had something to do with the case, it was learned that the shooter was unrelated to the events surrounding Hale or Cobb. We are curious however to see if the TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation had or will have words with Cobb. They are currently trying to collect a $200,000 judgment against the Creativity Movement for infringing on their name “Church of the Creator”. To do that, they need to find people who were members of the Creativity Movement at the time they were using their name. Cobb has been down with Matt Hale’s so-called church for years.

In years past, his thing has been to go around rallies and other events with a video camera, mingle with people WPs don’t like (people with lives, basically), and make stupid comments to them. He made a particular mark for himself at the Nov. 19, 2005 rally in Kingston, NY, according to Nichole Nicols of Citizens Against Hate who wrote this in her blog:

“With camera in hand at the Kingston rally he infiltrated the press section and proceeded to badger and intimidate a seventeen year old girl bringing her to tears. Claiming to be a reporter for Vanguard News Network, Cobb attempted to stir the bystanders into action. Obviously, not one of the mainstream media, he failed to adhere to any of the ethical standards of generally acceptable behaviors. But, what else is new.”

He has been at other events too. He was at the National Socialist Movement (NSM) rally in Yorktown, VA screwing with cops, and he harassed people at the Rosa Parks viewing at the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, DC. He won’t bother with people who know him though, especially antifa. Let us just say that he is quite aware of the zero-tolerance policy they have with his nonsense, not to mention their strict enforcement guidelines.__

2005 was also when Cobb received an inheritance of $85,000, and he took that money to Tallinn, Estonia, where he set up shop, establishing the now-defunct video aggregator Podblanc, which was supposed to be a neo-Nazi response to You Tube. This was where he first tried to set up a whites only homeland (he even called it “Whiteland”), purchasing land thirty miles south of the capital where he hoped to establish an “International Office of White Diaspora”. In 2007 he was issued a temporary living permit and an ID card, but was reportedly denied entry into Estonia in 2007 as an “extremist” who provokes “racism and national hatred”. Two years later, he became the first U.S. citizen to be deported from the country, earning a ten-year ban for “endangering state security, public order, public safety, moral standards, health, other public interests” and promoting racism. It took a physical altercation with a neighbor for that to happen though.

He did not return to the US, however. Apparently he had dual citizenship with both the United States and Canada, and he chose to be deported to Canada. He took a job in Vancover, but it wasn’t long before the local antifa came a’callin’. See, the job he took was as a telemarketer, and the concern was that he had database access to personal information through that job. The company eventually canned his ass, but there were mounting problems for him, because he was still operating Podblanc, and in Canada promoting white power BS can get you thrown in jail. In June 2010, he was arrested at the Vancouver Public Library when a six-month investigation by the British Columbia Hate Crime Team revealed that he allegedly was operating the website from various locations within Vancouver. He was released after ten hours, and it is believed immediately after, he fled for the U.S. A warrant has been out for him ever since, and Podblanc hasn’t been back online. Upon news that he was fleeing the law, a Spokane resident named Kevin Harpham under the screen name “Joe Snuffy” posted an invitation to Cobb on the Vanguard News Network discussion board to hide out at his place. “Craig, if you read this and you need a place to stay for the winter I have an empty basement with a couple rooms, a bed and bathroom you can live in till spring,” Harpham posted. “I live in Washington not too far from Kalispell.”

Kalispell, Montana, which was where white supremacist April Gaede moved to in an attempt to create her own base for whites only, was where Cobb, who wrote that there was little chance that he would take Harpham up on his offer, ended up going. Good thing too because Harpham’s invite became null and void after the National Alliance member was busted a few days later for trying to bomb the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Parade route in Spokane.  While in Kalispell, Cobb got himself into some silly feud with Aryan Nations member Karl Gharst, to the point that he signed out a restraining order against him. In 2011, he moved again to Wyoming, and then to Leith where he became national news.

As noted before, Cobb didn’t stand much of a chance in seeing his vision come to reality. The efforts by the town of Leith to oppose him (among the possibilites being dissolving the town and giving the county control) as well as the whole country keeping an eye on Cobb pretty much ensured that. The other thing that ensures this is Cobb himself. He’s not the sharpest tack in the box and hardly someone that can maintain himself, let alone a community. At the time of this posting, he might be getting his comuppance, as he and one of his “settlers” were arrested for terrorizing residents with guns. This entry needs to be updated a bit to explain what the outcome was, but at the time of this posting he had been out for two years, took up residence in Sherwood, ND and is now looking at another town in North Dakota to screw with.

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