NAME: Anthony James Olsen
AKA: “Felix Bauriedl”, SJSkin (on Stormfront), “A.J.” , “
DOB: 2/19/88
HOME BASE: Formerly Sicklerville, NJ. Now Philadelphia, PA

For years this clown has been calling himself “Felix Bauriedl”, but that was always known to be a fake name. In fact, at the 2011 Leif Ericson rally in Philadelphia, an annual event that Keystone State “Skinheads” (KSS) holds near a statue of the Viking Explorer Thorafinn Karsefni near what is called “Boathouse Row” along the Schuylkill River, he boasted that no one will ever find out who he was. Now everyone will.

“Felix Bauriedl” is actually a scrawny little punkass from Sicklerville, NJ named Anthony James (A.J.) Olsen. He was first seen trying to start a crew called South Jersey “Skins”, and now we see him organizing events for KSS in Philadelphia. He also likes to boast that he knows who is antifa out there and what they are doing – kind of like a bonehead version of us. On Stormfront there is a guy who calls himself SJSkin, who claims to be from Sicklerville that is the biggest cheerleader for events sponsored by KSS on that website. “SJSkin” also likes to announce whenever OPP, Anti-Racist Action (ARA) or in one case even Al Sharpton’s National Action Network (NAN) is going to hold or appear at a certain event, complete with whatever details he can find. That’s a bit too much of a coincidence for us to ignore. Earlier this year he reportedly moved to the Kensington area of Philadelphia with his girlfriend Brianna, so that screen name isn’t too current these days.

That would explain why KSS has been a little busy over the past year. For much of the latter half of the past decade, KSS was working towards being the big Nazi group on the scene. A.J. has been to most if not all of the events involving KSS that we have covered. The 2009 Leif Ericson Day rally was the last time KSS did anything publicly until Sept. 17, 2011 which was the day of a white power concert in Philadelphia. Then came this year’s Leif Ericson Day rally, which, just like in 2009 was opposed by a group of antifa, this time a larger, more organized crew. There was indeed a Leif Ericson Day rally in 2010 – held two weeks after the actual Leif Ericson Day and when a video produced by antifa mocked them for being a no-show. That wasn’t sponsored by KSS however. That year’s rally was organized by the white supremacist political party American Third Position (A3P), which seemed to be one of the groups that KSS started to join enmasse over the course of that year (KSS founding member Steve Smith is the Pennsylvania Chairman of A3P). A.J. was the point person for the 2010 Leif Ericson Day rally.

With A.J. moving into Philly proper, that would explain why KSS’ name is being heard again, but it is nowhere near the unit that it used to be. A.J. seems to be doing things these days as something to prove. At one time, A.J. was trying to get into the Carpenters’ Union, but that might have been a problem considering the union might not be too warm towards a neo-Nazi in their ranks, especially since they fight against discrimination all the time. That might have to be something A.J. will have to learn the hard way. Actually, there’s a lot of hard ways ahead of this character if he wants to roll the way he does.

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