NAME: Neal Adolph Boortz, Jr.
DOB: April 6, 1945
HOME BASE: Atlanta, GA
These days, you can’t really get too shocked at the things that radio talk-shit hosts say. You know their crap is coming, and sadly you know that not too many people in the media and political industry will say too much about it, coming up with so many reasons to justify their cowardice, from “They have freedom of speech” to “We shouldn’t give them the attention” to “what about (insert name of someone they don’t like) who does the same thing?” It doesn’t help much when these same characters appear on the television or radio programs of the aforementioned cowards, lending credibility to them, or legitimize their BS by slinging their talking points at presidential candidates during debates (yeah, Charles Gibson and George Stephanopoulos, we’re talking about you). Ironically, those talking points have in essence made them the talk-shit host’s surrogate holding the line against those of color or on the left that they say are offensive or divisive. The damage these kinds of politics have done over the past eight years let alone the past twenty is probably why in recent years we have had a number of groups and individuals either on television or on the web, saying we will start calling out these scumbags a little more forcefully.

Let’s be real. The talk-shit hosts in this country have spearheaded campaigns that a sane society would have never move beyond the dreaming stage (the Minuteklan Project, Terry Schivao, Ron Paul’s campaign, et al). And if someone was to look at a disaster such as a hurricane, see the deaths of so many people and say in regards to them, “It was just a glorified episode of putting out the garbage,” that person would never be given any credence again. If he also defended white high school students that wanted a segregated prom (even calling Bill O’Reilly of all people a “vicious son of a bitch” for being critical of those students – earning a whole lot of props from white supremacists over at Stormfront), says Muslims are “sort of like cockroaches” because during Ramadan the eat during the day and fast at night, refers to black Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney as a “ghetto whore” and says that he would make a lousy Mexican because he can’t operate a floor buffer, you might not have ever heard of him because no radio station would want to risk losing sponsors by the truckload.

We are not a sane society, however, and that is why until his retirement in January 2013, Neal Boortz could have been heard all over the friggin’ country with 3.75 million listeners.

So since we are at this stalemate between those who actually do things and the talk-shit hosts who complain about it all the time, perhaps one of the things we should be asking about. After all, they place themselves above everyone they criticize, so they must be on their game. If you think so, in the case of Neal Boortz, the answer to that question might annoy the living hell out of you. If you are one of those jaded people who believe everything talk-shit hosts tell you, we just might hurt your feelings because Boortz is about as honest as he is courageous. Yeah, we are questioning his courage too. Oh, he’s also very, very stupid.

Neal Adolph Boortz, Jr. was born in Bryn Mawr, PA on April 6, 1945. Apparently he isn’t all that forthcoming about his middle name. In fact, he has been critical of those who have tried to invoke Sen. Barack Obama’s middle name “Hussein” as a pejorative saying the following to a caller to his radio show one day:
“You know, people try to do that to me. You see, my birth certificate reads ‘Neal A. Boortz’ because at the hospital they failed to put down the middle name my parents gave me which is ‘August,’ and my name is ‘Neal August Boortz.’ Some people on the Web have claimed that my name is ‘Neal Adolph Boortz’ to try to imply that I’m…a ‘NaaAAAAaaa-zi!’…Yeah, I’ve read those things, they’re written by people using their mommy’s computer.”

Well, mommy’s computer must have done some good because it was used to contact the Selective Service who provided us with a record of his enlistment which included his middle name: “Adolph”. That, by the way is the middle name also found in his student records at Texas A&M University. Now we can understand why he would distance himself from this, because despite being critical of the “Barack Hussein Obama” tactic, he has employed it himself! We even found an example of it in an article on his website! One would think that someone whose middle name was the same first name as the dictator his Marine pilot father was fighting the time he was born would think twice before joining the chorus of conservatives who like to play this game, especially considering just like Obama, he is also just someone named after his father. But whatever, man.

Anyway, like we said, Neal Adolph Boortz, Sr. was a Marine pilot, and about a month after Neal Adolph, Jr. was born they moved to Texas. Being a military brat, they moved around a lot, but Neal Adolph, Jr. saw Texas as his “official” home. Graduating from Pensacola (Florida) high school in 1963, he went on to attend Texas A&M University from July 16, 1963 to January 28, 1965, and again from June 8, 1965 to June 3, 1967. And when we get specific about dates like that, you know something is up.

A few things are. For one, in a number of bios he is listed as graduating from Texas A&M in 1967. School records show he never received a degree from the University. When confronted with that bit of information, he reportedly said he was “not responsible for what other people have written about me”. Those people would not be responsible however, for him purchasing a class ring from the University, which he is seen wearing in a photograph of him with his old boss Former Georgia Gov. Les…wait. We will get to that later.

Now the other reason we noted those dates is why his Selective Service record was asked for in the first place. From June 30, 1964 to February 13, 1968 he was classified as 1D – Member of a Reserve component or student taking military training. Neal was enrolled in Air Science classes for students in an Air Force unit of the Corps of Cadets during the Fall of 1963, Spring of 1964 and Fall of 1964. These classes were general military science classes, but not professional officer development, so they might not have qualified for deferment of military service. Even if they did, Boortz was out of the ROTC as of the Fall of 1964. In fact, he was out of the school altogether in January ’65 and should have notified the Selective Service that he was eligible for service. He didn’t. That’s a problem. 1965-67 was the height of the Vietnam War drafts. 840,000 men were drafted, including boxer Muhammad Ali, who refused to go because of his religious beliefs and was stripped of his Heavyweight title and not allowed to box for three years because of it. In the town of Pensacola, Florida where Boortz registered for the draft, 74 men on the rolls at the same time were killed in Vietnam. Ignoring the fact that these men died in a war he scammed his way out of, Boortz will later have the audacity to defame 2004 presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry’s service in that war, describing his Purple Hearts as “flesh wounds”. Boortz, who also wrote in a mock-commencement speech on his website, that “Free speech is meant to protect unpopular speech”, will also applaud the FBI for investigating and hounding anti-war demonstrators for no other reason other than the fact that he believes they are “pro-Sadaam and anti-US”, not to mention “largely anti-American communists and Islamic radicals.”

When one asks Boortz about his own service, he will tell you that he was registered 4F – too sickly to serve. According to writer and Boortz thorn-in-the-side John Sugg, Boortz has claimed his eyesight and on one occasion asthma was the reason why he was rejected. Selective Service records show he never received a 4F deferment. Remember that the next time you hear him blasting real Vietnam vets, not to mention those who are against this latest war we should not have been in.

So to sum up, we have established Boortz to have started out as a draft-dodging liar, but how about the man who wrote the words for one of America’s most notorious segregationalist? That would be Georgia Governor Lester Maddox, although he doesn’t like to talk much about it. We love how he says that prior to 1977 when he graduated from law school that he held a number of jobs, including “writing speeches for the Governor of Georgia.” He says that he “finished” at Texas A&M in 1967, and in those ten years there were only three governors, Maddox, Jimmy Carter and George Busbee. Then again there probably wasn’t much to talk about since he was just a flunky in the speechwriter role.

Since starting in Atlanta radio in 1974, Boortz has claimed to be a Libertarian. Call yourself that, and it should open you up to mad scrutiny. See, Libertarians in many respects are anarchists, but it is a matter of how they roll in that capacity that makes the difference. If you are a Libertarian it is a matter of being either a pothead – which means your politics are going to lean left – or a fascist – which means you’re leaning right. Thing is, however, the other reason why you should be scrutinized if you call yourself a Libertarian is because if you are indeed a fascist, you might be doing that to justify some really foul politics. You will either defend them in the name of “preserving freedom”, and/or you will maintain some left-leaning political principles to get over.

Boortz for example, supports the decriminalization of drugs, once saying “If you support the war on drugs in its present form, then you’re only paying lip-service to the defense of freedom, and you don’t really grasp the concept of the sovereign individual human being.” That “sovereign individual human being” gets short shrift when that person is Back or Arabic, because Boortz supports racial profiling. “The reason we are not profiling is the squawking objections of groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the Al-Qaeda Civil Liberties Union, who call this practice unfair, discriminatory and racist,” he wrote in August 2006, further commenting that “there is nothing wrong with being discriminatory. Each and every one of discriminates. That is the process used in making decisions.”

That hypocrisy is bad enough, but let’s really play with this one. If Boortz feels that certain races or people of ethnic groups warrant special inconveniences because of certain dire situations, then that means he would agree with something that assists people of certain disadvantaged races or ethnic groups such as affirmative action, right? Well, in a column published just after Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2003, Boortz wrote this: “It’s time to get back to some basic constitutional principles. Punish discrimination where it is found, and judge people as you find them – by their character, their achievement and their willingness to work hard and persevere, not their skin color. After all, didn’t we just celebrate the birthday of a great man who preached just that?”

So Boortz believes that nothing is wrong with discrimination, but we should punish it where it is found, and judge people by their character unless it is a matter of law enforcement. Hey, if you are going to look at Boortz’s racial politics, expect this kind of tap dance. On his website it was asked of Boortz if he was a racist, and his answer was, “People often get racism mixed up with bigotry or prejudice. We need to get our terminology straightened out. We obviously have racial problems that need solving. The first step in solving a problem is to identify it. If we keep miss-identifying bigotry and prejudice as racism we’ll never make any headway. By the way, I do freely admit to being a “culturalist.” This, of course, drives the multicultural crowd absolutely nuts.”

He pretty much freely admitted to being a bigot too, and in regards to the “culturalist” term, as the website noted, “Of course the culture that he believes to be inferior is overwhelmingly black.” Making up words does not make you into something different, Neal. It just makes you what you are with a different name.

Boortz is there for his fellow radio bigots too. His BFF is Sean Hannity, who has his own race-baiting history, not to mention a one time friendship with white supremacist Hal Turner, and he was one of the radio hosts who proclaimed they will not attend a function hosted by trade magazine Radio and Records when they rescinded a lifetime achievement award to Bob Grant, after complaints about his racism and promotion of racist activities started to come in. Boortz’s reasoning: “What we have seen here in this revocation of the award to Bob Grant is simple pandering to political correctness. Nothing more, nothing less.” Gee, we would think considering how Boortz thought Martin Luther King, Jr. was a “great man”, he would understand how people would not want to praise a guy who referred to King as a “scumbag”.

So here we have Neal Adolph Boortz, a flunky throughout his young life who got over by pretending he is something he is not while attacking those who make an honest life for themselves. Truth be told, that makes up most of talk radio, and like we said at the beginning given their inane routines, you can’t really get too worked up about what they say. Still, Boortz is one chock full of reasons why you don’t just let it go without saying something.

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