Zachary Loren Beck

NAME: Zachary Loren Beck
HOME BASE: Washington State
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On May 12, 2004, Aryan Nations flyers began appearing on the doorsteps of homes and churches in the town of Longview, Washington, and they included the business card of Zachary Loren Beck, the man who within the past six months went from being a political candidate to a criminal suspect in two separate cases. If anyone wishes to reach him, it is safe to assume the address on the business card is no longer current. After shacking up with a local girl, he eventually ended up in the Cowlitz County Jail in Longview in lieu of $400,000 bail, accused of shooting at a police officer.

Beck is one of the Aryan Nation members whose application appears on this website.The application is from July 10, 2002, and in addition to mentioning being a member of a Carpenters’ Union, he lists an address in Petaluma, CA. Beck was interviewed by the Longview Daily News which reports he received his schooling in Arizona. He was born in Marin, California on Valentine’s Day 1979. His father works in real estate and his mother in advertising. The family moved to Tuscon, AZ when he was five because his father went to University of Arizona. “I was brought up to be a gentleman.” He said. “I’ve got four sisters. I’m taking out trash, bringing in groceries, opening the doors, walking on this side of the curb. I was brought up in good moral family with family values.”

Remember that quote. Apparently he forgot all of this, as you will see.

He was 19 when he came across Aryan Nations, and although he was not raised religious, he decided to explore religions on his own and eventually made himself a part of Aryan Nations’ gutter religion of Christian Identity. “God placed the white race upon this Earth to seek his kingdom,” Beck told the paper. “Jews would like you to think they are white. They’re just wolves in sheep’s clothing. To be white is to be pure, meaning your bloodline to be pure.”

Somehow he found his way into The Aryan Nations’ HQ in Hayden, Idaho, where he worked closely and lived with Dick Butler, the late founder and leader of Aryan Nations. It was in 2003 when Butler, Beck, and another member, Karl Gharst, decided they should hold public office. Butler ran for mayor of Hayden, while Beck and Gharst made bid for open council seats. All of them lost as expected, which was probably best of Beck in particular. If he had won, he would not be able to give his victory speech unless Hayden police were able to give him some special accommodations. On Election Day, Beck was arrested for malicious harassment when he hit a man after asking if he was a Mexican. His was just one of a string of Aryan Nation members currently getting picked up by the police in the past few months, one of them being his running mate, Karl Gharst, who was busted for allegedly threatening and harassing a Department of Family Services worker.
According to the Longview Daily News, Beck came to their town some 400 miles from Hayden just after an older woman named Lynette Walker posted his bond when he was arrested. She’s reputedly quite wealthy and is known as “the Sugar Mama.” Walker would only say that Beck was her “bodyguard” and identified herself as “an acquaintance.” Upon his arrival, he met a girl in the nearby town of Kelso, WA on, and although he lied on his profile and never told her his last name, he dated her a few times.

Unfortunately, nothing breaks up a romance quicker than finding out your lover has been stalking your friends. That’s what the girl caught him doing and she promptly called it quits. Beck got a tad upset, and according to police, she said he threatened to kill her. On May 14, 2004, police got involved because he allegedly kicked in her door and attempted to attack a friend of hers who was fixing her computer. She got between them, so Zach reportedly punched her, and then ran off to his Sugar Mama’s place in Longview. Now Zach wasn’t all too forthcoming about who he was to this girl, so he might have thought that she didn’t know where to find him and that he was safe. Prior to this however, she managed to get one of his business cards (which bore his picture), and before you know it, Police surrounded the place. Nabbing him was a bit of a task. Officers saw him through the windows waving a pistol around and taking shooting stances. He sees an officer outside and shoots at him, but the officer ducked and the bullet hit the fence behind him. Now the cops were pissed off, and Beck apparently was too, because he twice called the girl he was dating during the standoff, saying she was a “dumb bitch” for calling the “pigs,” said she was pissing him off again and that he should come back to her place and “finish the job.” The cops had other plans. They finished their job and snatched him up. After he was arrested Beck, a Kelso officer (note that this officer was white) went to the jail and asked Beck if he would be willing to speak with him about the incident. Beck responded by saying, “Fuck you nigger! Unless you want to talk about me fucking your mother in the ass.”

This is why we call them boneheads.

Zach got 33 months for his little escapade. While he was locked away, he apparently managed to still do the personals scene via a website called “DOC’s Prison Pen Pals.” According to his entry (where he says his conviction was for “Allegedly shooting at the police” – it is not alleged when you are convicted of it, Zach), he notes that he was to be released as of March 7, 2006. He actually was released on April 5, 2006, and went back into the arms of his Sugar Mama. He ended up marrying her, although he is still messing around with other women. With this marriage, he gets to live in her house and spend her money, but it is pretty much doubtful that he has gainful employment himself. In August 2006, there was a listing online asking for bagpipe players for a European Folk Fest to be held the following month. The phone number to call was that of the Beck household, so he could have been keeping himself busy by organizing things. He also gets money for legal representation, which is a good thing since he keeps getting in trouble. He was nabbed in June 2007 for driving without a license and cocaine possession. He is currently on probation.

Now despite being a total screw-up that can’t seem to keep himself out of trouble, he wants to still paint himself as some moral barometer to everyone else. As this entry is being updated, Beck is making plans to have a recruiting drive and “celebration” for Aryan Nations at the McClelland Arts Center in Longview. He says that this choice of venue had everything to do with capacity and nothing to do with the fact that it was right next to Victoria Freeman Park, named for a black woman best known for integrating Longview’s public schools in 1924. He said he didn’t even know who Victoria Freeman was, or that the predominantly black House of Prayer for All Nations church was across the street from the park. “Honestly, there was really no reason behind picking Longview other than that I’m on probation here in Cowlitz County,” he said. Local groups are planning to protest this event, but in truth, Beck is going to do himself in before long, and there really isn’t much to worry about with him. Still, it is fun to watch him trip over himself, so enjoy the show at least.

Here are some interesting quotes from Beck:

“Our belief stems back from the translation from Hebrew to English, the Septuagint Bible, instead of these modern-day mistranslations. The Jews would have you believe they are the chosen people of God. In John 8:44, Jesus says they are the chosen people of the Devil. How could they be chosen of God if they’re chosen of the Devil?”

“You look all over America, you look at Hollywood, most of the media, — CBS, NBC, CNN — are all owned by Jews. The media is so powerful, they control who goes into office and who doesn’t. Such is the Jewish control over our government. No wonder Israel is favored so much. Billions of dollars are given to Israel every year. It’s the strong Jewish influence in this country.”

“Titus 1:14 says beware of Jewish fables, Jewish lies. Their father is the father of lies, the devil or Satan. Them being the children of satan, they will do their father’s will. The devil was a murderer from the beginning. Cain slew Abel. Cain was the original Jew on this earth, Cain being spawned through Satan seducing Eve. The mistranslations want you believe there’s a talking snake. Eve thought the snake was pleasant to the face, handsome. He beguiled her, seduced her. Back in those days,
the serpent was the sign for evil. It wasn’t a talking snake, that’s
just ridiculous, it was the devil seducing eve. They spawned Cain. Eve shared that with Adam, which created Abel, his twin. There are medical records where there are 2 children born at the same time with 2 different fathers. Even when God came down and talked to Cain, God knew Cain was not of his race, not of his people, not of him. Cain was jealous of Abel and slew Abel. Cain being the original Jew. Adam and Eve’s other children are not Jewish.”

Q: Well, what about Abraham? isn’t he regarded as the ancestor of the Jews?

(he hesitates, unsure)

“I’m still studying, myself. You could study thousands of years and not fully arrive at God’s understanding. God placed the white race upon this earth to seek his kingdom. Adam comes from the word Adom, to show blood in the face, ruby complexion, ability to blush. Only the white race has this ability. Jews would like you to think they are white. They are just wolves in sheep’s clothing. To be white is to be pure, meaning your bloodline to be pure.”

“I looked into Catholicism. I thought to myself ‘this is crap.’ I looked into Judaism — you’ve got to know your mortal enemy. The Talmud says a girl is ripe at the age of 3. The Talmud is truly mud. There’s a lot of twisted, sick beliefs. They are the children of Satan. Satan is responsible for all the filth in the world. It’s really easy to be led astray through Satan’s temptation. They’re promoting Satan through MTV, selling drugs. Now there are young white woman youth out there who think Tupac is the ideal man. That’s just one example, one of the tools of their ongoing plan to destroy the purity of our blood, destroy the white race. They know if they can destroy the purity of our blood we will cease to be God’s chosen people.”

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