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Arthur J. Jones, Jr
Beloit, WI
Lyons, IL

For as long as he has been around, there surpringly isn't much to say about Arthur J. Jones. He has spent the past thirty years being the butt of every anti-Nazi joke in the Chicago area, and given how much grief antifa have given him in recent years he seems to enjoy it. He is kind of having a few last hurrahs before he has to go away for good, but as he is indeed still around, let's explore this weasel.

Born in 1948, Jones like to pound his chest about being a Vietnam Veteran, thinking that gives him a pass when he advocates undermining the freedoms that he had supposedly fought for, but we sure would have loved to have been there if any of his World War II-era superiors ever found out that he even took a copy of Mein Kampf with him to study while in Vietnam, and was all about Nazism from since he was a kid. We do know his father, Art Jones, Sr. was none too happy about it. Confronting his son when the younger Art was a member of George Lincoln Rockwell's group the National Socialist White People's Party, the elder Art walked away in tears when his son threatened him. "It ain't worth a damn," he said in an interview years ago. "I fought those goose-stepping rascals during World War II. Everybody can have their beliefs, but I don't believe like he does."
Art's main thing is to bitch about Blacks, Jews and especially homosexuals, protesting various gay pride events and marches over the years. But overall, it's the same goal. "Our aim is to establish a white-run world, he once said in an interview. "The world would be better off with the white man in charge of everything. There'd be light where there is now darkness, knowledge where there is ignorance, law where there is anarchy, food where there is famine."
Although he has bounced around from one group to another, his main thing for the past three decades or so has been his America First Committee. Now this is not the group that railed against the U.S. getting into World War II. Jones and Richard Wendorf from the National Socialists, the group best known for their attempted march in Skokie, IL in 1978, formed this America First Committee on June 8, 1980 after the NSWPP fell apart over a disagreement over party policy on Iran and the Ayatollah Khomeini, and after Jones soured on the National Socialists. It was in this capacity that people would see Jones doing the talk show circuit in the late 80s - early 90s during that phenomina that had every daytime talk show on at the time looking to be the next Geraldo by booking white supremacists. In fact, at one time Jones was a sort of "unofficial advisor" to the Jerry Springer Show by suggesting panelists who could make sparks fly. Jones himself did get his ass kicked on one of those Springer programs in May 1993 when former Milwaukee Alderman Michael McGee, Sr. - himself a complete piece of shit as one of the original members of the New Black Panther Party who also once declared that if race relations didn't improve by 1995, he would endorse "urban gurellia warfare" from blacks - joined him on a panel along with Tom and John Metzger of White Aryan Resistance. When, during a discussion on crime and supposed racial trends, an audience member asked Jones how he could explain a Jeffrey Dahmer, the white cannibal serial killer from Milwaukee. "For every Jeffrey Dahmer we produce, you produce 10,000 rapists, murderers, robbers, thugs, dope addicts, pimps, and whores," Jones replied. "Now that's a fact. Those are the crime statistics of the FBI."

That pissed McGee off, him responding. "I do not take insults, and so if you sit here and continue to insult and you use that word about whores, we'll start a war right now." Jones continued on with his bullshit, and eventually McGee got out of his seat and knocked Jones out of his. Being that this was the early years of the Springer show, this was one of those fights that didn't get aired, and when taping resumed, Jones shook McGee's hand as a gesture of peace. But things soured real fast after McGee wasn't charged with assaulting him, and Jones sued McGee, Springer, the executive producer and the syndication company for $2 million in damages. It was around this time you started seeing Jones less and less in the national spotlight.

Jones is best known as the Nazi who name keeps showing up on election ballots every now and again. He has been running for one thing or another since 1976, more often than not for Congress in the 3rd Congressional District in Illinois. But his insurance salesman's salary doesn't exactly cover election costs, plus he's an asshole, so he never wins.

Truth be told, Jones is a washed-up Nazi still trying to milk it for all its worth. Even the groups he associates with is a sign of his diminishing goals. For one thing, he found himself hitching his wagon to Bill White's American National Socialist Workers Party, which quickly became the path to ruin for a number of people. And while he still maintains the America First Committe, now there is another banner he flies that is more localized - "Illinois United". This group has held a few Hitler Birthday Celebrations, but in 2011, it had to be canceled after unknown antifa set off smoke bombs and sabotaged toilets at the PJ Klems in Lyons, IL where the "birthday party" was to take place. Jones is getting along in years and as he fades more and more away, he has to do so knowing that nothing he ever did went right, and increasingly sent him further into the crapper.

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Jim Traficant, Rot In Hell!


Oh, Jim Traficant. The "colorful", "maverick", "populist" congressman from Ohio who died days after a tractor flipped over on him as he tried to park it inside a barn on his family farm (soon to be changed by the conspiracy theorists he palled around with to "assasinated") is being lauded in death by publications like Politico as "our kind of crook"  but when you see that he is also being called "hero of the people" by a neo-Nazi website, pause is in order. Traficant might have been all the adjectives they use about him, but he was a raging anti-Semite that defended Nazi war criminal Demjanjuk and upon being released from prison after being convicted ofbribary, tax fraud, racketeering, among other things, blamed Jews for his incarceration and while he was at it, accused them of running the world. He was a regular around the anti-Semites of note, speaking at events put on by Willis Carto's American Free Press (AFP) and by the band Poker Face. He was also frequented the Tea Party rallies from a few years ago, and when he wasn't there his supporters were there promoting runs for congress, as we saw when they came out to Kent State in 2010. In the video, one supporter said in the video he was no longer involved with AFP, but last summer (that's four years later) he was hawking the launch of a new organization of his through the AFP who on the organization's website as supporting them with office space and support staff in DC. Traficant was a non-entity for the most part, which is why all the talk about him in his passing has been about his colorful tenure as a congressman, but even then, that color was lost on decent people who saw how dark and decrepit he truly was.


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