Round 2 for the scum that are trying to prevent Cordoba House, the Islamic Center in Lower Manhattan took place this Saturday, Sept. 11, as many people were busy trying to reflect on that horrid day nine years ago. As sick and vile those that came out were on Aug. 22, the one that was held this weekend was something else. There is no other way you can describe the opposition to the Islamic Center as being nothing more that raw, naked bigotry. When the English Defence League shows up, however it goes from bigotry to flat out terrorism. For those who don't know who the EDL is, basically they are boneheads from out of England who replaced attacking Jews with attacking Islam - and change nothing else. How bad are they? Their leader was sent back to the UK when he touched down here. The inclusion of Geert Wilders is also a telling thing, and frankly this has gone far enough. That's why so many people came out to oppose this rally, and they didn't just stay a block away like last time. They were in the anti-Muslim crowd as well. Some had arguments. but a few woman were physically assaulted by these people who are supposed to hate Islam because it demeans women. The future of these campaigns is not something to crow about. People see this crap for what it is, and they might have shot their wad with this rally. Sure, they are still going to bitch online and on Fox News, but in the end Cordoba House will be built, and these people will move on to the next group to hate. Our job: make sure all they end up doing is scream at buildings like they did this weekend. Lady Liberty's Lamp has the story.


Lady Liberty's Lamp

We thought it couldn’t get any worse, but we were wrong, it is getting A LOT WORSE!

A Pro-White/Anti-Muslim Crowd Gathers to Rally Against the Islamic Community Center on 9/11


This past Saturday the Lady Liberty’s Lamp and One People’s Project crew ventured to New York City to witness and cover the protests swirling around the Park 51 Islamic Community Center.
We knew that the organizers of this rally were racist trash.
Robert Spencer and his squawking sidekick shill Pam Geller– both driven by hate and moronic, paranoid conspiracy theories– have notorious reputations for their fringe, tinfoil hat-wearing followers and ties to international neo-fascist political types like Geert Wilders and other “keep the West WHITE” master race wannabes. We knew that Wilders, the Dutch neo-fascist who is known for inflaming anti-muslim bigotry in Holland, was the top speaker for this pseudo Nuremberg Rally event.

What we weren’t expecting was the presence of the “English Defense League,” a violent gang of football hooligans from the United Kingdom.

Donning the Saint George’s Cross flag of England– instead of the Union Jack of the United Kingdom– the English Defense League carries the same basic principles of the neo-Nazi skinhead group National Front but has replaced its hatred of Jews with hatred of Muslims and embraces Zionist nationalism– not out of any love for Jews, but because Israel kills Muslims.
This is not just the opinion of lefties, their leader Tommy Robinson was stopped at JFK airport in NYC by TSA and immediately put back on a plane for London– being a violent, hostile criminal, and the leader of a terrorist organization, he was not allowed into the country.
So, yes, this group is THAT BAD!
This didn’t stop the other five to ten boneheads from EDL from getting through to the rally where they were embraced and treated like rock stars by the crowd of unified hate.
Other questionable types who were there were a handful from Youth For Western Civilization, the only college youth group on the SPLC watch list, a wandering POS who had a sign referring to the Koran as toilet paper and would periodically rip up sheets from the Koran.

Potty Headed Moron With Rude Sign Rips Up Pages From the Koran



We have more coming in video, including juicy pieces from the hate mongers themselves as well as photos and video from the beautiful turn out by those in support of unity and diversity in NYC.