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Anna Zubkova and Rob FreemanWell, well, well. It seems that while Rob Freeman (pictured) has been running around being some big white power activist and not finding any real employment, his wife has been going up the ladder as an attorney who is now running to sit on the bench of one of Connecticut's probate courts. Yeah, there's a problem with that. The Liberty Lamp has more on Freeman here.

One People's Project

in Connecticut, the probate court system, made up of 54 indiviual probate courts, deals particularly with the legal affairs of the deceased, estates, some aspects of family law and conservatorship. Their judges are the only members of the state judicial branch that are elected, and attorney Anna Zubkova is mounting a campaign to be the probate judge for the Plainfield-Killingly Regional Probate District. Running as a Democrat, she faces Andrea Truppa in the primary on Aug 12, and she feels that her work in her community as well as her experience in probate law will make her a valuable assett on the bench.

Anna Zubkova might have one large anchor around her, however: her husband Rob Freeman, a notorious white supremacist and one time member of the white supremacist group National Alliance.

Since 2010, Freeman has been the author of the blog Mindweapons in Ragnarok, where he waxes philospohical about various political issues that he relates to race and culture. There, one can find articles with titles such as “What to learn from the Paula Deen affair; keeping Blacks as pets is a bad idea” and “Ukraine: Zionist America’s new Jewish colony”, and also attacks on anyone who isn't a straight white Aryan male. It is nothing new for Freeman, who has also written under the pen name “Kievsky” for the white supremacist blog Occidental Dissent, and regularly posted on white supremacist discussion boards such as Stormfront and the Vanguard News Network Forum. In addition to being a member of the National Alliance, he has also been an associate of the Creativity Movement, whose leader Matt Hale, is serving a 40-year prison sentence in federal prison for conspiring to murder a federal judge.


As a National Alliance member, he was one of many neo-Nazis who came out for Hale's public meeting in York, Pa. in 2002 that is best known for the clashes in the streets between them and anti-racists. Freemen made himself rather notorious in New England, particularly after attending ''No Place for Hate'' forums in Framingham, MA. “'You can call me Nazi, you can call me racist,'' Freeman told a newspaper. ''I don't care.'' In 2007, he and others had a run in with the law when they were arrested on charges of torturing and decapitating a rabbit, an act they videotaped and put online. The charges were later dismissed after he and his co-defendants argued they killed the animal for food.

Married since 1997, Anna Zubkova has not been active in the white supremacist circles as much as her husband has. Observers in Connecticut have said simply that she supports Freeman financially. It has not been determined how dedicated she is to the Democratic Party, although Freeman, while currently registered as a Democrat, has voted Republican primaries in the past, according to voting records. In May, he posted an article on the Mindweapons blog titling it “Vote Democrat to kill the Establishment Right” where he posted an article that suggested that after their overtures to immigration reform, the Establishment Right must be taught to understand the value of what the article called “the bigot vote”. It has been learned that Zubkova has pettitioned to be on the ballot in November regardless of if she wins the Democratic primary on Tuesday. Similar to what Sen. Joseph Lieberman did when he lost his primary to Ned Lamont in 2006, ultimately winning his senate seat as an independent, Connecticut is one of four states that do not have a “sore loser” law preventing this.

Probate Court Judge elections only allow for candidates to talk about their qualifications in a campaign. They are not free to be critical of their opponent.



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