Vermin SupremeYes, we had a great time at the Republican National Convention, but let's be real, it's because we like screwing with Nazis and their sympathizers, and this year's RNC was right up out alley! We are still not sure if we will have as much fun at the Democratic National Convention with the "Men's Rights Activists, neo-Nazis and so-called "alt-right" as we did here because we don't know if they are really down with wandering into what will be enemy territory compared to Cleveland this week, but if so, we will keep you posted. Only not on this website. As longtime visitiors to this particular site knows, we have slowed things down a lot here since we started doing news on our news site Idavox, but those who are coming here in the wake of the Convention, this site is being retooled. You will still be able to get the old stories, the Rogues' Gallery, and all the things we have done, but it will just have a different purpose. So bear with us as we get things straight, and in the meantime, the latest news and information we are known for can be found at

Gabriel DiazHe's Black. He's Dominican. And if that fooled you, now you know the issue. This guy actually spent the past year or so worming his way into antifa and progressive circles - particularly ours - then giving whatever info he got to the National Socialist Movement. So if you see him around, this little article might be something to look at. Click on the picture for the link.

Damn right, we will be there!

Well, it's been a year since we last went to J.O.U.A.M. Hall in Elmwood Park, NJ, the local meeting place of the National Alliance offshoot National Vanguard. Given what came out when antifa came out this time around, we need to do this a little more frequently. There is a National Vanguard member named Larry Darby who is running in the Democratic primary for Alabama Attorney General. He came to speak at the hall for the hate group's National Conference, and we came out along with other antifa. That wasn't all though. We never go to these things without hitting some sort of paydirt, and today our outing showed that this event we was protesting was a big deal. In attendance was a number of big heads in the WP scene, most notably Prussian Blue, the twins from California that was featured on a 20/20 episode last year for their white power musical act. Not only did this almost sneak by us, being that this was Mother's Day weekend, we was not sure we would have the people to oppose them. Well, antifa figured they would do their mothers proud, and they most certainly did today. We will have pics shortly. UPDATE: We revised the article to note that David Duke was also in attendance.

One People's Project

ELMWOOD PARK, NJ May 13-When National Vanguard member Larry Darby, a Democratic primary candidate for Attorney General of Alabama, visited NJ National Vanguard's meeting place in town at J.O.U.A.M. Hall today, he was joined by a number of prominent hatemongers from around the country as well as Canada. When it was reported by the Associated Press and picked up later by Bill White on that he was coming to New Jersey, that brought out the opposition.

Although it was a holiday weekend, representatives from three different anti-racist organizations in the local area were able to make an appearance at the hall to oppose the National Vanguard meeting that was taking place, a meeting that Darby, who is also with an outfit called the Atheist Law Center, was scheduled to speak at. There were a number of exchanges, but the climate remained peaceful for the two hours that the counter-demonstration took place.

This was the National Vanguard's National Conference, which meant the meeting brought out familiar faces. Their leader, Kevin Alfred Strom was in attendance, as well as Canadian Holocaust denier Paul Fromm of the Canadian Heritage Alliance and his wife, as well as David Duke who made sure to keep himself inside the hall away from view. Also there was the April Gaede and her twins Lynx and Lamb who make up the white power music duo Prussian Blue. Gaede had lengthly debates with counter-demonstrators as police stood nearby. Those demonstrators represented Anti-Racist Action, Residents Against Racism and One People's Project

There were numerous appreciative honks of the horn from those driving by the area who noticed the anti-racist signs being held by protestors along the sidewalk. The neighborhood around the hall remained largely oblivious to the scene, with the exception of one person who came out of his home wearing a t-shirt with the insignia of the Ku Klux Klan on it's left breast. It is not known whether he was associated with National Vanguard.

Although it is almost a year since antifa last made an appearance in Elmwood Park, since they have been playing closer attention to J.O.U.A.M. Hall, it has meant more of a spotlight on it from the community as well. Recently, that has meant the hall being a target for vandals. On the side of the hall is a billboard with the pledge of allegiance written on it, and some time ago, the words "Nazis meet here" was spraypainted on that billboard. Today, bottom half of the billboard was painted over to cover up the grafitti, save for the insignia of the Masons that also appears.

Larry Darby's campaign for Alabama Attorney General has been the target of some controversy because of his associations and beliefs, so much so that the state Democratic Party is seeking to remove him from the ballot.


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