About the Rogues' Gallery

Here are compiled lists of just some of the far-right/racist activists that we struggle against these days. Started in 1997 on another website, we feel those that attempt to camoflauge their racism in fine-sounding words are a greater threat - as we shall see, often they recieve patronage from mainstream politicans. Their worst nightmare is exposure, and that is why they have consistently attempted to drive us off the Web. They will learn, however, the truth is not so easily subdued.

As we expected there has been a number of people who have submitted people for consideration for these ranks, as well as those who felt that we were lumping everyone in the same category. Let us answer the last point first. We actually are doing that in a sense. We do feel that everyone in the Gallery is entwined in certain ways, and when it is apparent to us, we make it known. We do however, recognize that some people in the Gallery do not roll in the same way as others, or simply are not as bad. Those who visit the Gallery will simply have to read the entry to understand our concerns with a certain person. We were originally going to categorize people with however they are affiliated. For example Ezola Foster would have been in a Black Conservative category, Matt Hale would be in a White supremacist category, etc. The problem we found was that so many of the persons in the gallery have a number of categories they could possibly fit in, while some may not be easy to categorize. We decided on simply listing them by alphabetical order and let the reader decide for themselves where they belong. Of course, we do have some idiots you don't see that this is what we done. Bill White for example, used to cry often about being on a page with the late paleoconservative Paul Weyrich, and neo-Nazi Steve "Micetrap" Wiegland. Folks, it was the "W" page. Mr. White has definitely been a great source of entertainment for us!

As for the first point, there are a few reasons why some are on while others are not. For one, we simply might not have written an entry on them yet. We are particularly short handed and there is a huge backlog of not only new entries but revisions to old ones that we have not been able to get to. If there are those who know of people that should be included and would like to write the entry for them, first contact us and mention this to us. If it is someone that we think should be in the Gallery, we will give you the green light. We will need a picture of that person, plus the text. We will also need to confirm all facts before it is posted. Once it is, we will credit the writer on the entry and if there is a link or contact information you wish to provide, we will add that too. This will help a lot in getting people more involved and more informed. There may be some editing to conform to how we present things, but no changes are done without consulting the writer.

Another reason for not having a certain person "galleried" is because we haven't finished our research on them. When we get submissions, we have to make certain everything that is said about the person is accurate or can be referenced. We don't want to be a party to any smearing or slandering of a person. We are not calling anyone a Nazi just because someone stole someone else's girlfriend. Now if a Nazi did in fact stole someone's girlfriend and that person wants to provide truthful information that is relevant to what we do here, that's fine.

The third reason, and a very important thing to consider, as to why some folks are not in the Gallery is because we simply do not feel they should be. It may be because we do not consider them relevant (that comes when we don't hear about a person in a number of years), we feel we need to take another approach with them because of mutual associations (just because they are bad doesn't make them all bad or means they are associated with bad things all the time), or we just plain ol' support them. These are judgment calls on our part, and if you disagree, we are willing to hear you out. We have been wrong before, so speak up if you think we need to add someone, or even take someone down.

Finally we must make this point clear. None of this information should ever be used to engage in any criminal activity against that person. There is no reason to be like the scum you will see. Keep yourself on the higher ground, and take in this information responsibly.

If you know anyone who we should consider for listing here email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..