As we are writing this, we are dealing with the fact that David Irving just got his ass handed to him again, this time in New York City at the DoubleTree Hotel in Times Square. At approx. 5:00PM, 25 NYC Antifascist activist entered the hotel and disrupted the Holocaust denier and Hitler apologist's attempt to have a Nazi gathering in NYC. A prominent Neo-Nazi attorney named Alex Carmichael, whom we have dealt with before and saw at last night's shindig in New Jersey, was maced in the face. Hotel personnel was duped into hosting the event by Irving's organizers who kept the location under wraps until the last minute. As of this writing, Irving's event is now over and he moves on to New Haven, CT. Meanwhile Anti-Racist Action has posted this one regarding Irving's little outing at the Best Western Hotel in Pompton Plains, NJ. We did good this weekend, and we are sure Irving can't wait to get the hell out of here, but that's not to say the other stops on his tour don't have anything planned for him. Here's hoping those other towns have as much fun as we did! UPDATE: We included a 17 sec. video of the action

Anti-Racist Action

Baby We Were Born To Run:
New Jersey tells David Irving he is NOT WELCOME

“To David Irving and all aspiring white-power, anti-immigrant, queer-bashing, racist pigs - give it up! We will fight you on the streets and on the internet until you are swept into the dustbin of history.”

Mere hours after those words first appeared on Holocaust Denier and Fascist “Historian” David Irving’s hacked website, New Jersey and New York Antifascists made good on the former half of that promise by confronting David Irving at his backup speaking location in Pompton Plains, NJ.

Members of Hub City ARA, Trenton ARA, New York City ARA, and One People’s Project were made aware of Irving’s new location at a Best Western hotel located on Route 23 near Wayne, NJ. We also found out that he was staying in said hotel. Unfortunately, his speaking engagement had already begun in one of the meeting rooms. One member of ARA went inside the hotel to confirm the location, which sure enough became confirmed when they were leaving the bathroom and bumped into 3 of the attendees, including Alex Carmichael, head of the pathetic splinter group “League Of American Patriots” (as in do us all a favor and LEAP off a tall building) and self described “next Hitler.” Carmichael recognized the Antifa from ARA’s successful disruption of LEAP’s first meeting in Clifton, NJ months ago.

Now if you’re to believe their tough talk, 3 on 1 in a secluded hotel bathroom seems like a dream situation for these fascists. Instead they hid their faces and moments later we were greeted by the familiar site of arriving police protection for the Nazis.


Antifa outside the room Irving used (apologies for the lack of sound)

Once the jig was up we entered into the hotel with chants of “This is OUR community! Fascists out! Fascists out!” Before being forced out into the parking lot by police. Once outside we congregated by the windows of the meeting room, chanting and heckling, to remind all the attendees that they were not welcome in New Jersey, the East Coast, or anywhere else! Our chants and yelling made for quite the disruption as Irving nervously shifted in his seat and stared towards the windows. We also had lots of fun calling out attendees by name and reminding them that the hacking of Irving’s website had made all their information public and even if they had police protection tonight, they no longer had the safety of anonymity that Nazis rely on so heavily.

Eventually we proved too much and Irving called it quits. The police escorted each of the quaking attendees out of the hotel, forcing us back away from their cars, and we learned that David Irving had checked out, so we called it a night. But the message of the day was made clear to all Nazis, bigots, fascists, and scumbags:


Signed affectionately,
Hub City Anti-Racist Action
Trenton Anti-Racist Action
NYC Anti-Racist Action