Give David Irving the Hook!UPDATE! DAVID IRVING'S SITE HAS BEEN HACKED! INFORMATION ON POSSIBLE SUPPORTERS LEAKED ON FRONT PAGE! GO TO WWW.FOCAL.ORG FOR MORE INFORMATION! IRVING CURRENTLY WORKING ON SITE, SO GO THERE BEFORE INFORMATION IS GONE! Actually, you know how this works by now. At this very momment, Holocaust Denier/Hitler Apologist David Irving is either scrambling for a new spot or already found one for his little speaking engagements. But as of right now, the American Legion post in Wayne, NJ started told organizers that no way in hell was a Hitler apologist going to speak in a venue built by people who fought Hitler. Earlier in the day, his NYC date for tomorrow had the kibbosh put on it, but last year when it happened his boy out there Michael Santomauro found a church to sucker into hosting him. We don't think this is the final word, and there are a few more dates on the calendar in other cities, but we will definitely let you in on any developments as we go along.

Residents Against David Irving

New Jersey Residents Against David Irving (NJ-RADI) is pleased to announce that American Legion post 174 (not 175 as a previous release said) has agreed to cancel David Irving's planned speaking engagement tonight.

After being informed by NJ-RADI that the person who had booked the event, Elizabeth Meyer, was in fact a supporter of Mr. Irving's, and being filled in on what exactly Mr. Irving's views are, ALH Post 174 attempted to contact Ms. Meyer to confirm. When she refused to return any calls they cancelled the event.

NJ-RADI is comprised of New Jersey residents who have come together to oppose David Irving's tour of hate-speech and "historical revisionist" nonsense. His meetings serve as both a fundraiser and a networking event for Irving and other neo-nazi scum. We REFUSE to sit idly by and allow our state to be used to these ends.

Irving has been cancelled at venues in the past and found last-minute backup locations. Stay tuned for updates should this happen.

The NYC event was just one of many that is going on across the country, part of a national speaking tour. Other tour dates are listed on We encourage others in these cities to take action and shut down David Irving's tour. Be on the lookout for Irving in your city. We know that he has been passing himself off as a legitimate historian - booking events at bookstores, colleges and now church halls. At other times he books events under the rubric of having a book club meeting.

NJ-RADI would like to congratulate American Legion Post 174 for their decision to cancel the event and to thank everyone who called to encourage them to act decisively against fascist incursion into New Jersey.

Give David Irving a call and tell him we'll miss him in New Jersey. You can reach him directly on his cell phone -- 305.923.6779.


New Jersey Residents Against David Irving (NJ-RADI)

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