So it looks like the comedy of Utah's Soldiers of the Aryan Circle isn't over yet. Debra Holland is considered to be the ring leader in the home invasion that ended with one of her fellow sad SACs gunned down. She has recently been picked up on those charges, and let's not forget there are more to be snatched up. Now to be real about all this, there has not been anything that has come out to say that Holland & Co. was doing something related to their beliefs. That means right now it looks like they did all this simply because they are naturally dirtbags. And they are paying for it too. Utah Nazis don't seem to have all their brain cells going for them. This is the same state that gave us Curtis Allgier, the career criminal bonehead with a bunch of racist tattoos all over his face and body who was doing time on a parole violation when he shot and killed a corrections officer who was transporting him to a hospital in Salt Lake City in an failed escape attempt. They also used to have some rabidly fanatical straight-edge crews that went around beating people down for wearing leather and/or smoking. We hope Utah can reign this crowd in, and apparently its citizens are more than willing to do so!


A bizarre home invasion in Midvale gets even more bizarre as police make their first arrest.

Turns out the alleged ring leader in the crime is a 53-year-old woman who is also believed to be a member of the white supremacist gang SAC.

"Oh it's odd, the whole case is somewhat bizarre," said Sgt. John Salazar with the Midvale Police Department.

Debra Holland was arrested Thursday night during a traffic stop and according to Salazar was identified by the victims in the home invasion.

"We made photo line-ups and took them to the victims and we got positive identification on Ms. Holland," said Salazar.

The crime happened at about 1-30 in the morning on Tuesday morning at the Springs of Country Wood Apartment complex at about 7200 South and 900 East.

Police say Holland played the decoy and knocked at the door as if to be looking for someone.

Once the door was opened, officers say six men rushed inside, all armed with guns or knifes.

Four of the six victims inside the home were taken to a back room and held against their will.

Detectives say one of the victims wrestled a gun a way from a suspect and shot and killed 31-year-old Blake Anderson of Salt Lake City, who police say is a member of SAC, a white supremacist gang.

That's when everyone fled the apartment.

According to the probable cause statement, Holland was in charge of the operation and was shouting out orders to the other suspects.

Holland is behind bars at the Salt Lake County Jail where she is being held on Kidnapping, assault, and attempted murder.

Police are still searching for the other suspects.