Kyle Rogers
NAME: Kyle Rogers
HOME BASE: Old: 134 Muir Wood Drive, Mt. Sterling, OH 43143

17 S Anderson Ave
Apt B
Charleston, South Carolina 29412

Most Recent: 414 Crestwood Dr
Summerville, SC 29483
DOB: Oct. 31, 1976


We should note here that as of this writing, Kyle Rogers has become a little notorious in the wake of the June 17, 2015 shooting rampage by White Supremacist Dylann Roof that killed nine Black churchgoers. This entry does not reflect those current events yet, but will be updated to expand on that soon.

In January of 2001 the Council of Conservative Citizens added an Ohio Valley chapter. By July the Columbus Dispatch had an article titled "Hate clans taking root in Ohio soil,'' made reference to that particular chapter. That left a bad taste in the mouth of its chairman, who fired off a letter to the paper. Admonishing it for what he saw as a "deliberate attempt to hurt our organization's growth," he charges that the article takes its cue from the Anti-Defamation League, and that the Council of Conservative Citizens is a reputable organization because its membership includes state representatives, state senators and even one state Supreme Court justice, mayors, sheriffs, radio personalities, college professors, ministers, bishops "The C of CC does not have ANY potential for violence like your article claims," the chairman cried. "The Columbus Dispatch clearly painted a false picture of the C of CC. Do the people that I mentioned sound like the type of people that would be part of a violent "hate group?"

Uhhh..yeah, and ironically we need to look no further than the chairman itself as proof. He was Kyle Rogers, and no we are not talking about the hockey player for the Toronto Marlies. This Kyle Rogers is a white supremacist activist who has been doing this kind of thing ever since he was in high school and simply found a new niche for his hatemongering. According to Anti-Racist Action, who had dealt with him and his antics when he was in Columbus, Ohio, he has been in the Klan (a violent hate group) and suspected of being in the National Alliance (another violent hate group), which has always has some sort of cross-pollination with the C of CC. He has contacted One People's Project and denies such affiliations, however. But he is a C of CC member, and when he was running the Ohio C of CC chapter he raised a few eyebrows by getting white power programs on Columbus' public access television station and the persons featured on the program, such as former Klansman David Duke or the currently incarceraed white supremacist leader Matt Hale, have either participated in, been an advocate for or are part of groups that have been connected to violent activity.

These days he makes his home in Charleston, South Carolina and is still with the C of CC in another capacity, as the organization's webmaster. He contributed articles to the Citizens' Informer, the C of CC's publication and speaks at several C of CC events, but regardless of how much he puts himself out there, he always stayed under the radar somewhat. But is inner white power nerd came out late 2010 when he got the organization involved in one of the stupidest political campaigns ever, even for white supremacists.

In May 2011 Marvel Comics released the movie adaptation of the comic book superhero Thor, and Kyle mounted a campaign to get everyone to boycott the movie Why? Because although Thor has fought alongside Hercules (A Greek God) and battled Dracula and Ego the Living Planet, the departure from Norse mythology goes too far when a black man (Idris Elba, aka Stringer Bell from
The Wire) plays his brother Heimdall. According to the documentation, Kyle is the administrator of the site waging war against the movie, via his company Patriotic Flags. "It [is] well known that Marvel is a company that advocates for leftwing ideologies and causes," Kyle's site reads. "Marvel frontman Stan 'Lee' Lieberman boasts of being a major financier of leftwing political candidates. Marvel has viciously attacked the Tea Party movement, conservatives and European heritage. Now they have taken it one further, casting a black man as a Norse deity in their new movie Thor. Marvel has now inserted social engineering into European mythology."

Kyle is also using the website to take potshots at the Black Panther, now that BET is producing a cartoon for that superhero. As these things go, when boneheads go above and beyond the call of stupid, the media starts buzzing about them, and the boneheads flock to the latest thing hitting the papers. True to form, one of the guys on Stormfront pointed out the thing that Kyle (posting as Vahalla) did not: Thor's love interest is played by Natalie Portman - an Israeli Jew. Now Kyle has a constant hang-up about Jews, but we guess he ignored this little fact because the C of CC has no issue with them, even if they court the neo-Nazis you find at Stormfront, but it was still funny to see someone go off Kyle's script.

All of this by the way, is helping the movie, some folks going onto Kyle's anti-Thor Facebook page to say that because of him they are going to see a movie they originally had no intention of going to see. When the movie debuted on May 6, it did so at number two, with the movie Fast Five in the top spot. But the following week,
Fast Five was at number three while Thor ranked number one! The "Boycott Thor" website by this point was slowly but surely petering out. It's last post was dated May 2. The end result: Thor was one of the top ten movies of 2011! We are hoping that Kyle will go back to his whining about the Black Panther cartoon again. It is getting more publicity from him than they are from the people producing it! Check your local listings.

As of this writing, Kyle is getting some noteriety by putting out the first narrative from the right that attacks Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old black teen killed by George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch captain that has to date eluded arrest by claiming "self defense", even though he was the one who attacked Trayvon.