VDARE is a racist white nationalist website providing an outlet for far right-wing writers and racists to vent their hatred. Since being founded in 1999 by Peter Brimelow, they have been a well recognized hate group by many civil rights and media watch group such as Southern Poverty Law Center (who lists it as a hate site) and Media Matters. Racism, xenophobia, religious discrimination against non-Christian fundamentalists, sexism, homophobia, and right-wing fascism have been the bonding themes which have identified the VDARE staff and audience.

There are a few dozen active writers and staff members of VDARE. While rogue profiles are available for several VDARE members (and we note them here), the whole lot of them are a trashy and hate-filled bunch, and their ideals and behavior define the racist ideals of the group, so to be honest, they all deserve a rogue profile. Some of the folks there that don't have a profile are on the backlog, but since writing them has taken a while, not to mention starting to sound a bit repetitive, we are providing a summarized group profile of the VDARE members.

The VDARE group profile lists the active members of VDARE, their personal information allowed by the law, and a brief summary. You can help us out for information missing on this page. If you have any information, any at all, feel free to drop us a line here. This kind of information can help us out.
Thomas Allen
Status: VDARE writer
Bryanna Bevens
Phone: (661) 397-9377
DOB: Approximately 1971
Status: VDARE writer
Naturally the red flag is going to be her being one of those "reconquista" promoters, but Bryanna is also known for silly things like getting "irritated and embarrassed" that Crime Prevention Month, Vegetarian Awareness Month, Hair Loss Awareness Month, Metaphysical Awareness Month, Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness an oh yes, Hispanic Heritage Month occurs the same time as Italian American Heritage Month. What was her suggestion? Compine the Crime Prevention observance with the Hispanic Heritage awareness and call it National Hispanic Crime Prevention Month. " Hispanic heritage and their contribution to American culture might be something worth celebrating, I don't know. I’m too concerned with what they have contributed American culture by way of crime—starting with their first: the crime of illegal entry." She was right in her first sentence. She doesn't know jack shit about Hispanic culture. Apparently ignorance is bliss however because she loves Carlos Mencia. His politically incorrect perspective on race is just so refreshing to Bryanna, and in a column about Mencia's tv show, she even says, " If only more people were like Carlos Mencia…and VDARE.com!" One, don't worry, at least the first half of that wish would be fulfilled, and two, the reason why the second half of that wish won't be is because regardless of what Carlos Mencia says, he still maintains respect for everyone he zings. VDARE...not so much. We hadn't paid attention to her all that much, but we will, because we think it is curious that on website after website her tagline, notes she is a "former chief of staff for a member of the California State Assembly", but no one seems to have the balls to say which member! We shall find out.

Patrick J. Buchanan
MCLEAN, VA 22101
Phone: (703) 790-1551
DOB: 11-2-38
Status: VDARE guest writer
Now we could say more, but what can be said that hasn't been? Even his Wikipedia entry is listed as "too long"!
Rogue's Gallery

John Brimelow
Phone: (203) 422-2210
DOB: 09/01/1958
Status: VDARE writer, brother of Peter Brimelow
He's one of those idiots that think the best way to fight Hispanics is to pit black people against them, something he tried to do when he wrote about how Hispanics going to New Orleans were taking jobs away from Black people. Why hasn't this attempt worked? Well for starters, we only know of one black person that reads VDARE, and he authors this website.

Peter Brimelow
WASHINGTON, CT 06793-1710
Phone: 860-868-0182
Status: VDARE writer, head of VDARE
Brimelow once said that "The American elites emerged from World War II so traumatized by party Nazis they set about extirpating discrimination everywhere they could find it." This was how he explained calling today's immigration policy "Hitler's Revenge".
Rogue's Gallery

Donald A. Collins
Status: VDARE writer
Marcus Epstein
Status: VDARE writer
We made this one shit his pants when we announced that he was going to have a discussion on race and conservatism with Jared Taylor and John Derbyshire - and at the last minute a black participant. He is a member of the right-wing Leadership Insitiute and the event was supposed to be held at their place in DC, until they found out we were coming too. The event was moved down the road to another venue, and it was attended mostly by members of the Council of Conservative Citizens. Marcus has proven himself useful to us however with a article he penned titled "Myths of Martin Luther King", which was a attempt to appeal to conservatives to stop bestowing honor and respect towards the slain civil rights leader. In the article he reminds us all that "Contrary to the claims of many neocons, the opposition was not limited to the John Birch Society and southern conservatives. It was made by politicians like Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater, and in the pages of Modern Age, Human Events, National Review, and the Freeman."

Joseph E. Fallon
Status: VDARE writer
James Fulford
Status: VDARE writer and editor
Paul Gottfried
Status: VDARE writer and editor
Joseph Guzzardi
Status: VDARE writer

Athena Kerry
Status: VDARE writer
Name is a pseudonym, but the picture is published on the VDARE site, so go figure. Apparently this one supposedly graduated from a Catholic college in 2006.

Michelle Malkin
19930 Wild Cherry Ln
Germantown, MD 20874
Phone: 301-520-7500
Status: VDARE guest writer
She's like Pat Buchanan in the sense that there is just so much you can say about this one!
Rogue's Gallery

Juan Mann
Status: VDARE writer
Juan Mann is not his real name; it's a pseudonym he hides behind because he knows he will get into trouble at his workplace if they found out he works for a hate group. He allegedly works as an immigration lawyer at the Department of Justice in Washington D.C.

Paul Craig Roberts
Status: VDARE writer

Edwin S. Rubenstein
DOB: 01/29/1946
Status: VDARE writer

J. Philippe Rushton
London, Ontario (Canada)
Status: VDARE guest writer
Rogue's Gallery

Steve Sailer
STUDIO CITY, CA 91604 (Los Angeles Suburb)
Phone: 818-763-1142
Mobile: 202-841-1217
DOB: 12/20/1958
Status: VDARE writer
Rogue's Gallery

Howard Ramsey Sutherland
Status: VDARE writer
A New York based attorney, chief legal officer of C.E. Unterberg, Towbin, L.L.C. He studied law at Southern Methodist University and graduated from Kenyon College.
Jared Taylor
Two addresses:
2705 Green Holly Springs Ct.
Oakton, VA 22124
Phone: (703) 716-0930

2717 Clarkes Landing Dr.
Oakton, VA 22124

Status: VDARE guest writer
Rogue's Gallery

Brenda Walker
DOB: 10/08/1955
Status: VDARE writer

Allan Wall
Possible Texas address:
Status: VDARE writer. He is an American citizen with a legal address in Texas. He currently lives in Mexico with his wife and two children.
John Wall
Status: VDARE writer
Chilton Williamson Jr.
Status: VDARE writer
David Yeagley
3116 21ST ST NW
Phone: (405) 942-1636
DOB: 1958
Status: VDARE writer
We have GOT to get a Gallery entry on this one! There are sellouts and there are sellouts! This guy is a Native American sellout, who is so much of a sellout, he has written articles that Native Americans back in the day fought and shed their blood in the nastiest wars against the US Army TO be put in reservations!