It is very seldom when Nazis get away from us we try to get them back, but in this case it is only fair. Craig Cobb of the racist video sharing outlet PodBlanc is a US citizen that moved out of the country to Estonia. After a few years of his racist BS, they sent him packing, but he didn't come back to America. For some reason, Cobb is now in Canada - and now they are gearing up to ship him out. It is bad enough that we have Nazis in this country, but we shouldn't be exporting them to other countries to cause them grief! It is only fair that we take care of our own garbage, so to that end we are going to call for Craig Cobb to come home to America the Beautiful, land of purple mountain majesties above the fruited plain! We have missed you so!

One People's Project

Neo-Nazi oddity Craig Cobb as made a name for himself with his video camera, going from various locations and videotaping unsuspecting people as he spewed racist invective at them. A member of the Creativity Movement, he has videos of himself harassing those who waited outside the US Capitol as Rosa Parks lied in repose and of him at a racist rally in Upstate New York put on by white supremacist radio host Hal Turner. In 2007 he started PodBlanc, a website to counter YouTube alleged censorship of racist videos. He did this from his new home in the country of Estonia where he sought to create an international center for his fellow Aryans to meet and grow. But after a few run-ins with the local law, he was forced out of the country. He ended up in Canada however, a nation that is none too charitable to his racist leanings. Now they want him gone as well.

Cobb was deported from Estonia late last year after one of the several physical altercations he had there got him in trouble with the law. He was issued a temporary living permit and an ID card, but was reportedly denied entry into Estonia in 2007 as an "extremist" who provokes "racism and national hatred". However it was this arrest that prompted his deportation. For months, there were rumors that instead of returning to the US, he was deported to Canada where he reportedly claims dual citizenship, possessing both US and Canadian passports. According to an Estonian newspaper article, it was his preference that he was to be deported to Canada

On March 21, those rumors were confirmed when he surfaced in Vancover, BC as antifa and others gathered to oppose an announced neo-Nazi rally that did not materialize gathered. Cobb, who boasts an address on East Pender St. in Vancover, took pictures of antifa at the Braid SkyTrain station then made the photos into a video montage that he put on PodBlanc. "We had word that Cobb was in downtown Vancouver a few months ago, but this is the first news of any overt activity on his part," a Vancover activist associated with antifa crews told One People's Project. "He must be feeling confident, or he's just plain stupid -- probably both is true."

Canada has strict laws against hate speech that has resulted in several neo-Nazis being sent to jail. Even Ann Coulter, who had defended the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens in her last book, was warned before entering Canada recently for two speaking engagements to be mindful of what she says, given her history of hate-fueled attacks on people based on their race or religion.