He spends a year in jail for emailed threats to kill minorities, gays and whomever else is a threat to his worldview, and has been pretty much the butt of jokes for the past five years on various racist and anti-racist discussion boards. Now Aryan Nations leader Steven J. Holten gave everyone something else to talk about. He was snatched up for drunk driving and leaving the scene of an accident. Not only that, but he brought his passenger, another bonehead named Jason Karr, into the crosshairs, as he was busted on an open container charge .


A 45-year-old former Nevada white supremacist leader — described by authorities as a “domestic terrorist” after his conviction in Reno for e-mailing violent mass threats to minority groups and the media — was cited for driving drunk and leaving the scene of a car accident, authorities said.

Steven J. Holten made headlines in Reno in 2004 upon his arrest on a federal charge of transmitting a threat, related to mass e-mails he sent on Sept. 20, 2004 promising murder and mayhem to minorities, gays and anyone against “white power.” He also threatened a “holocaust for our enemies” in Reno and California.

Holten, according to court records, has been suffering from AIDS for years. He claimed to be the Nevada leader of the Aryan Nations, and police said he had been actively recruiting members in Reno. Authorities also learned he had purchased a gun before he sent out the e-mails.

Soon after he was released from federal prison on probation for the e-mails in 2005, he began distributing fliers in the Reno-Sparks area looking for men, namely Hispanics, to meet him for sex in parks, court records show. A man had sent Sparks police a letter saying he had seen another man at the park abandon his children in the car and perform a sex act with Holten in the bushes.

That letter prompted a police sting that led to his October 2005 arrest and later conviction of a sex offense for showing a detective his penis. At that time, he was wearing “Nazi gear” that included a coat, combat boots, a shaved head and his signature lightning bolt neck tattoos. Police accused him of knowingly trying to transmit AIDS to unsuspecting men, but was never charged with the offense.

Holten was then sent back to federal prison for violating his probation. Last year, he was quoted in an L.A. Times article about domestic terror groups saying he made poor choices, and had cleaned up his life.

About 6:22 p.m., Tues., a Reno police officer witnessed Holten driving a 1979 silver Chevrolet Lumina near Holcomb Avenue and Taylor Street, and allegedly crash into a parked vehicle. He kept driving, and did not stop once the officer appeared behind him. Police said Holten began driving very slowly and twice tapped the rear bumper of a car in front of him to try to move it out of the way.

While Holten was being arrested on suspicion of drunken driving, hit and run, reckless driving and failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, officers noticed his arm was broken and he appeared to have facial injuries. Holten, police said, told them he had “osteoporosis” and other “health conditions.”

Holten was taken to the hospital for treatment and issued a citation on the charges.
His passenger, Jason Karr, 39, also a suspected white supremacist, was booked into the Washoe Jail for having an open container of alcohol.