ALERT! March 4 Trump Rally @ Washington Monument
Mar 4 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

It seems that Trump supporters are feeling they and the guy they elected president is a little unloved, so they are planning a nationwide event that will give us all the illusion otherwise – at least where there isn’t opposition to it. It’s called “March 4 Trump” and the attempt is to hold a rally or something in as many cities as possible to, as Steve Bannon’s old haunt Breitbart put it according to the Inquisitr, “to thwart ‘hardcore progressive leftists that have been marching against President Trump and his appointments.’” Yeah, well good luck with that. We will make an alert for each locality we see scheduled, with pertinent information concerning each, especially if opposition announces a counter-demo.

Washington, DC’s event is at the Washington Monument, and it will see opposition. The opposition’s call to action reads as follows:

DC over the past 3 months has been lit. We swarmed the streets on J20 and J21, shut down highways, occupied airports, and stood up to an administration at every turn.

We won’t sit idly by when Trump supporters come to town and celebrate: fear, hate, and misogyny.

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