NAME: Samuel G. Dickson
HOME BASE: Atlanta, GA

The wink in Sam Dickson’s eye is not one of affection, folks. He simply has a nerve disorder that causes him to wink from time to time. That is not his only disorder, though. The other one is that for all of his education he knows nothing. Sam G. Dickson, is an Atlanta attorney who is a member of the Council of Conservative Citizens, the mainstream white supremacist group. He has been active in racist politics for almost twenty-five years. In 1978, he ran for Lt. Governor of Georgia against Zell Miller on a segregationist platform. Although he lost badly, he still managed to garner 11% of the vote. Zell Miller, by the way goes on to become Senator–and was one of the Democrats who approved the C of CC-connected John Ashcroft for Attorney General He is also the author of a book titled Shattering the Icon of Abraham Lincoln, which basically reads as the Confederate perspective of the President who they despised and eventually killed. Dickson has spoken before a number of racist organizations such as the British National Party and at American Renaissance conferences. He talks of dispelling lies in his speeches and to that end either promotes lies of his own or skewers facts. In July 10,1999, he spoke at the CofCC conference in Fairfax, Va., and among the “lies” he had to squash was how America is a nation of immigrants, saying that most Americans are native born. He completely disregards the fact that many of those native born Americans would not be born here were it not for some immigrant who came to these shores.

He also discounts the idea that diversity is this society’s strength, calling it instead a weakness. “There ought to be a bumper sticker,” he said: “Diversity is strength. Say it until you believe it!” All we have to do is say it once, Dickson, and then we can back it up. One of Dickson’s lies is that only white people had a hand in forming this country, when the truth is white people would not have survived here without being taught by the true natives of this land, the red man, and would not have functioned without the slave labor of the Africans they kidnapped from their homeland.

Dickson is a segregationist, a supporter of a failed ideal. It failed because whether he likes it or not, the rights afforded to him are afforded to all those who live in this society. Anyone who fights against that makes themselves an enemy not unlike any of Dummya’s terrorists. Dickson and his ilk should be regarded – and treated – as such.

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