Name: Steven Scott Smith

Aliases: Steve

Home Base: Pittston, PA

Employers: Gertrude Hawk Chocolates, Dunmore PA, (800) 822-2032, and currently serving his second term as a committeeman for the Luzerne County Pennsylvania Republican Party.

Steven Scott Smith

Steven Scott Smith

We should begin by noting that there are two well-known dirtbags in the WP scene whose name is Steve Smith. One is in Virginia, and the other, who we are dealing with here, once sat in a Pennsylvania jail cell serving a 30-day sentence for assault and ethnic intimidation.

In March 23, 2003, Smith was one of the three members of Keystone State “Skinheads” that attempted to assault a black man who was simply walking down a street in Scranton, PA. The three approached him while holding bricks in their hands and asked him if he had ever been “beat up by a skinhead.” As the man ran away and called police with his cellular phone, the three drove by and threw a brick at him while yelling racial slurs. How did they get caught? Simple. They decided to stick around until the cops came. Keith Carney, who was on probation at the time, could not get out of jail on the high bond they posted on him, but Steve Monteforte and Smith had their people pony up for them and they managed to stay free. In the end, he still had to do some time though.

Smith has been around for a long, bloody time. He first cropped up as a member of the Klan, along with his buddy Charles John Juba, who later would hook up with Aryan Nations and is currently with the National Socialist Movement. Steve then led a chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of White People, which was founded by David Duke. Despite the usual white supremacist crowings of black inferiority, the NAAWP could not seem to maintain itself even half as long as the NAACP, whom they pretend to imitate, “The current leadership of the NAAWP is very divisive towards other White Nationalists (including David Duke himself!)” he wrote November, 2002 on Stormfront under the name “PaWhitePride” (at the time his yahoo ID). “Back in 1999 NAAWP President Reno Wolfe asked me to remove any mention of David Duke from my local chapter website or resign my leadership position. Needless to say, I resigned. Reno Wolfe and race-mixer Rich Faraone (NAAWP vice-president) have turned the NAAWP into an ineffective organization.”

That being a bust, Smith turned to David Duke’s new organization, the European-American Rights Organization (EURO). He was there for its first meeting in Philadelphia, which was televised on CSPAN and although he was active in that group, he will tell you that his main group was now Aryan Nations. “(Aryan Nations members) Charles Juba, Rick Remer, August Kreis, and I go way back,” he posted on the neo-Nazi website Stormfront. “These men have a proven track record of standing up and fighting Jewish supremacism.”

Aryan Nations has been a full-on wreck since the 2000 lawsuit that destroyed them, and the splintering between the Pennsylvania and Idaho factions. But Steve found himself a new vehicle in the form of KSS, which is now calling itself Keystone United. Smith is their Northeast Pennsylvania leader and it was in that capacity that he decided to get himself locked up in Scranton. Antifa has had a lot of fun at Smith’s expense too. A bonafide dumbass, he has been publicly burned twice by people posing as WP to get information, one of those times reportedly resulting in him sending nude photos of himself to someone posing as an underage girl. This was before the “To Catch a Predator” days sadly, so as far as we know had never been locked up until the Scranton incident. He has since toned it down however, so there hasn’t been anything since he got his taste of the prison life. These days, Steve likes to make it a point to write letters to the editor or go to anti-hate events in the Luzerne County, PA area to complain about how white supremacists like him are picked on. “Keystone United will not stand idly by and allow these anti-White organizations to dictate public opinion and policy,” he wrote. “We will confront them in an effective and civil manner. We don’t fear debate because the truth, facts, and logic are on our side.” And he is also a Republican Committeeman out of that county, having first been elected in 2012 by one vote (he was the only one that voted) and then reelected four years later winning 69 of the 73 votes cast.

Well, the truth and facts are that it is illogical for Steve to think that the public is buying any of his crap. That is why no matter how much he tries to play it mainstream, those he works with have to disavow him at the same time. He, along with other white supremacists in the area, working with Daniel Smeriglio and his anti-immigration group Voice of the People based out of Hazelton, PA, and has been a prominent staple at the VOTP rallies. Like VOTP, he is a supporter of PA State Senator Daryl Metcalfe and hypes him up on the white supremacist website Stormfront. Despite how close he is to them however, Metcalfe being an elected official isn’t saying jack about the kind of people he has been working with, and Smeriglio simply plays it to the media as if he doesn’t know where all the charges of racism is coming from.

In 2018, Smith continues to serve as an elected official for the Luzerne County Pennsylvania Republican Party, never distancing himself as an active member of the white supremacist group Keystone United. He appears in their May 2018 group photo.

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