NAME: Andrew Boyle
HOME BASE: Philadelphia, PA

This guy…

You know the kind of guy that seems to just be dead behind the eyes and lives to follow whomever he is hanging with at the time? That’s Andy Boyle, reputed member of Keystone State “Skinheads” (KSS). Now that might sound a little harsh, but we call it as we see it, and whenever we do see him around, one can’t help but feel that he would not say or do anything without fellow KSS bonehead Keith Carney’s blessing first. Simply put, he doesn’t. Keith does all the talking, and Andy would hardly look you in the face. Every now and then he manages to mumble something to you, but don’t expect him to go any further than that, unless maybe when he is drunk. Then he might get those drunk muscles and think he could fight you. It’s sad really, especially since it looks like being Keith’s lapdog has now led him and two others into taking the fall in an assault case while Keith eases his ass out of all charges. We’ll get to that in a minute though.

Let’s just be real about this guy: Andy Boyle is about a significantly huge fraction less dangerous than the people who he is taking his cues from, and it is kind of scary that this dead-behind-the-eyes fuck was actually in the service. Then again, he might have been a very good soldier, because it is apparent that he is good at being ordered around and letting everyone else tell him where to go and what to do.

Andy grew up in Glasgow, Delaware and like we said did a stint in the Army, serving a year in Korea as well as some time in Afghanistan. After he got out and came home, he did machine shop work as well as some work for a marketing service called Advo in Newark, DE in 2005 (sounds like he was a telemarketer), and that’s about the time Andy Boyle: Dumbass began coming into play. One night, he and a few friends were hanging out getting drunk and they all decided they wanted pizza. It was taking a while and when the pizza arrived at around 3AM they decided they were going to not pay for the pizza, threaten the black pizza delivery guy, flinging the N-word out in the process. The pizza man simply called the cops. They arrived, got the story (they said the delivery guy was mad he didn’t get a tip), went into the apartment, saw all the Nazi crap inside and snatched up the boneheads on a second degree burglary charge (they in effect stole the pizza).. Andy caught a hate crime charge, and although it was later dropped he did end up doing some probation for the stunt.

Somewhere along the line he ended up in Philadelphia and still hadn’t learned his lesson that you can’t be a bonehead and do boneheaded things without someone nailing you for it. The following narrative is also found on Keith Carney’s entry.

Boyle with Keith Carney

On May 26, 2007 he along with Carney, Vincent DeFelice and Douglass Caffarella were at a bar in South Philadelphia. A KSS hanger-on named Eric Dottavino was with them. According to what came out in court and other accounts, Dottavino is an idiot who can’t stay on the DL about his beliefs, and with KSS trying to play kindler, gentler Nazi to get over publicly, he made a habit of embarrassing them. This time around however, he reportedly took off his shirt – displaying his swastika tattoo in the process – and giving the Nazi salute inside the bar, pissing off his friends – not to mention the bartender who asked them all to leave. It was outside the bar where Dottavino got his ass stomped. A police officer who was finishing up a traffic stop down the road heard the commotion and when he arrived on the scene, he saw DeFelice, Boyle and Cafarrella over Dottavino with Caffarella aiming a gun at him. When they saw the cop, they jumped into Boyle’s Dodge Avenger which was being driven by Carney and hauled ass. The officer managed to catch up to them (after they almost literally drove around the block) and they were all arrested. The charges were originally attempted murder (the gun was at Dottavino’s head, so the contention had been that if the cop arrived a second too late Caffarella would have blasted him), weapons charges and in the case of Carney, fleeing the police. In the end, Boyle and DeFelice plead guilty to Assault and Conspiracy to commit assault, Caffarella was found guilty of the same plus the weapons charges, and Carney got off scot-free, leading some to start flinging charges in Carney’s directions of him being an informant.

Andy got four years probation for this episode. A stipulation of his probation is that he isn’t allowed to drink since it is what seems to get him into trouble. He told the judge that he hasn’t had a drink since Sept. 2008. That is a very curious date to us, because it just so happened that was when he caught a weapons charge outside a club called J.C. Dobbs in Philly when he was going to a show for the punk band GBH and thought his skinny drunk ass was going to fight 300 lb. DLJ! After a brief shouting match outside the show involving Andy, DLJ, Keith Carney and two other scrawny nerds that comprise today’s Atlantic City and Keystone State “Skinheads”, all were asked to leave by club security and police. During the shouting match, Andy kept challenging DLJ to go around the block so they can have a little throwdown, or as Andy so laughingly put it, “So I can kick your fuckin’ ass!” About an hour after all were told to leave Andy, who simply went across the street and was still talking shit, was approached by the police who were told by someone that Andy had a knife. Sure enough, he did, and he was cited. Although he was out on bail form the Dottavino affair, he was not sent to jail, nor was his bail revoked. It is not known at this time the status of this case, but it is safe to say that Boyle learned a very valuable lesson: Fucking with DLJ will sober you up right quick!

Andy Boyle looks like he is going to keep his head down for the next four years, but he might be dumb enough to test the limits of his probation. If he does so be it, but if he is this much of someone’s you-know-what on the outside, can you imagine what he is going to be like if he gets violated and goes to prison? We are sure Andy has thought of that too.

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